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We invest important time in the creating online stores activity with personalized design and experience in developing hundreds of sites on various opensource platforms, the most widely used OpenCart Platform (CMS Content Management System for creating online stores, the platform that we have identified a series of important, and other similar platforms.

So, we've decided to develop our own CMS, the online store platform to solve most of Opencart's problems, especially with the goal of developing SEO-optimized online stores.

Our experienced colleagues worked on this project, colleagues who have been developing and managing for years big sites such as (a number of multi-country sites developed in Opencart), (prestashop), (now the custom platform developed in laravel, more details here)As we said, cms opencart is the web platform we prefer when developing medium-sized online stores, but it has a number of deficiencies that we need to deal with throughout the development of each site..

     The plan for developing the online store platform for an improved SEO opencart is the following:

  • Improve structure links on online stores.
  • Every time you add or edit web products in the opencart platform, it automatically generates a friendly optimized SEO (See the SEO offer on Creative Ones)
  • Do not allow structures like url1 / url2 / url3, etc. whether it is a category or subcategory in the online store. Always the permalink of that page always appears in the url, without the path.
  • It's good to have the links as close as possible to the base, without / example / link, but direct / link
  • Any information that appears from the second position by domain (ex url1 / url2, etc.) will be considered an attribute (for when it will be filtered in the online store created like this)
  • You must have a canonical url to the online shop filtering system for the base link because it can generate millions of links
  • If the 2 rules do not match (permalink and filters for that category of the online store), page 404
  • This is a common problem for Opencart. If you type by the category link any / bla-bla / it generates content. Google is overwhelmed so he can see tens of blu-bla after category / and so duplicate content flashed
  • So, if you do not meet the 2 rules, page 404 will be displayed
  • Page 404 will be custom created so as to generate a user-friendly experience
  • For the enhanced opencart developed by Creative Ones, we aim to create a "batch" in each "Add Product" area to automatically generate the url, and this checkbox is implicitly active.
  • This will allow you to manually modify each product link in the online store.
  • Also, when checked automatically, any title change will generate another permalink on the online store developed on this enhanced opencart platform, and the old link will automatically redirect you to the new 301 link, which SEO optimization is advisable
  • At the new opencart online store developed by Creative Ones, we will take into account that after 1 month we will automatically delete all these redirects. We will use a cron set on the server that will automatically delete the 301 redirected links

 We all identified these issues as being inadequate on the current online opensource online platforms, so we are looking to solve them so that all the online stores we develop are professionally crafted and become well-indexed SEO in the long run.

Many web developers use opensource platforms, and market prices are spinning around a few hundred euros to develop an online store. Few customers understand the danger of cheap "cheap" deals in the true sense of the word "cheap".

I have received many questions over time such as, "Why do you ask for X EUR for the development of this online store on Opencart, when company X requests X hundreds of euros?" The answer is not easy to understand, indeed, rather than on the basis of relevant web experiences and knowledge, but also of a desire to understand the difference. Not always what is cheap is really inexpensive (you can lose yourself only because you choose to work inexpensively), but what is "expensive" can prove to be truly effective in the long run (higher earning costs on carpets and unnecessary repairs)

1.Product page in developing an online store on an improved Opencart

An online store's Product page is one of the most important online stores. The way it is built (from design to implementation and related web features) depends on the sales of the online store developed. Linked to the Online Store's Product Page, considering that there are also deficiencies here on the rough variants of the opensource web platforms, we are looking to improve the following:

  • Existence in the Product Page in the developed online store admin of all the old product links but also of the category, subcategory or manufacturer, etc. (latest information).
  • In creating online stores, we keep in mind that there is only one web feature that will be used to edit the product, category, manufacturer, information, etc.
  • In practice, we noticed that it is happening in online stores that there are two or more products that have the same title with the same link, and in this case when accessing the permalink the system randomly displays one of the 2 products that have the same title with the same permalink
  • On the SEO optimization side, there is no point in adding to what serious repercussions can the development of online stores on standard opensource platforms.
  • To remove this issue of online stores developed on standard opensource platforms, we will use a RECURSIVE web feature to decrypt a unique link. The unique link will consist of the product name and finally will appear 1,2,3,4. (if [product name] is used will generate [product-name-1], if it is used it will generate [product-name-2], and so until one is available), so to avoid the situation presented in the previous paragraph

2. About the default theme of the online store developed on the improved opencart platform.

We keep in mind that the default theme for creating an online store on the opencart is no longer modified. It will clone a default online store theme and will become the theme 2 with the name [Theme Creative Ones Online Shop]. There will be no changes until the system is set on the new theme.

If a module is enabled, it will be done when it works fine, and to ensure that web development works well in the Creative Ones theme, the default theme will be renamed..

3. About the checkout page of the online store development on the improved opencart.

The on-line checkout shop of the Creative Ones online shop will be one step away and we're inspired by several modules that are as simplistic, useful and effective as possible. An example of best practice on an online store developed by our team on Opencart is the site

Linked to the Order Store of the online store developed by our team, we have in mind the following:

  • The payment methods of the online store and its delivery can be synchronized. For example, if I choose a payment method to disappear others, etc.

4. Optimize page titles and meta information for online stores.

  • It is very important not to abuse Meta or Hs, no matter H1, H2, H3, etc.
    • H1 must exist only once per page
    • We will be considering setting H1 by default by the product title


5. Category and subcategory category of online stores developed by Creative Ones

The online store category / subcategory will still have an extra field called H1. The goal is to have the title of the category, and it will appear in the online store menus, including the mouse hover and will be short. This H1 so defined will be the title of the practical page when it enters that category.

  • Example, / women's shoes / with H1 and title "Women's best shoes, price ..."

6. Further development in the online store panel developed on the opencart platform, upgraded by our team.

  • In the product page, in the admin area of ​​the online store created, there will also be additional fields related to the purchase price and their history, for reporting to the customer with the profit obtained and other important additional items
  • Also, on the product page of the online Creative Ones store there will be a history tab that will show successful customer orders, customer returns, etc.
  • It will grow on online managed stores the possibility of attaching pdf documents on the product and the possibility of hiding the button of buying products

7. Create blogging mode on the online store platform

Blogs of websites or online stores are appreciated by search engines. Blogs have the role of informing clients and are also a clue to the seriousness of the business. If a website or online store is deficient in the blogging or customer communication area, then it is a clue to the seriousness of the business.

The blog informs, redirects to the products presented in e-shop, etc. , and it can be used as a solid structure for promoting SEO, which Creative Ones is successfully using for online stores that it manages and promotes SEO.

8. Module Gallery Photos in online stores

Standard online store platforms also lack the Image Gallery area. It must either be installed separately via a compatible or developed module, which we also intend to develop for the improved opencart platform.

9. Import / Export of products to online stores

Although many online opensource online stores have well defined this import / export area of ​​products and related information, we will be looking at the new online store platform we are developing to build on the best web features available on other platforms.

Thus, the export of products can be customized on columns generating complete or summary information according to the needs of each online store management.

Import will change the changed items in the file based on the unique code, which will ensure easy management of the online store.

10. Retrieve online stores developed on other platforms on a new optimized platform

With the launch of this online store platform on an improved opencart, the vast majority of online store development needs will be resolved. Of course, there will be some extra integration of external platforms (billing software, accounting software, etc.) which will need to be customized on a case-by-case basis.

Considering the superiority of this new platform within the existing online development opportunities, there will definitely be situations where it will migrate from the online platforms of obsolete online stores to our new e-shop platform.

When the products are taken over to the new platform, we will keep in mind that the links remain intact, but they will redirect to the new link structure as we have presented in the first paragraph above ("Improving the structure links to online stores "). It is better from SEO point of view to link the online shop's link structure to form / link1 than: / link0 / link1 /.

11. Online Magazine Modules developed by Creative Ones

Over the years, we have developed several well-appreciated modules for many of our clients.

For example, for I have developed an offer for online shops on opencart, quite advanced by which the administrator of the online store, when logged in, can add web products to the shopping cart and can then generate a PDF with the offer personalized in a professional way.

Below we present the customized online auction offer on the opencart

Once he developed that customized offer for opencart, it could be exported and configured for other Creative Ones collaborators who have developed online stores on the opencart.

Other modules for the online stores we've developed would be the Android Apps application submission SMS notifications online shops developed on the opencart (ask for a price quote for Mobile Application Development here).

The Android app for sending SMS notifications for online stores works as follows:

  • install the android app on your sms phone
  • this is configured before it is installed with the name of the site in question and other parameters required for its operation
  • in the admin area of ​​the online store there is a further developed field where you can send sms with various messages that remain saved for the next order

Creare magazin online - Platforme imbunatatite

  • this is an open-craft online store admin developed by Creative Ones that has implemented the sms transmission feature through the android installed on the contact phone of the website.

 Other useful links

Create online store Methods, platforms and solutions. Contact the company specializing in making online stores

Given that we are specialized in developing online stores, especially on the opencart, and that we have developed an improved opencart platform, we believe that on this niche we are best suited to intervene to build the online store you want.

Request personalized offer: 0740.065.563; [email protected] or fill in the contact form

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