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In 2020, much of the world was affected by a virus, the so-called Corona virus. During these periods, several protection decisions were taken, including the state at home. To the "joy" of the children, the schools closed and they stayed at home, away from school with extracurricular activities in many cases meaningless.

Why not take classes? Why can't teachers continue their school curriculum? In 2020 there is the technology needed to organize courses remotely through various technological methods. Youtube, Google and not only provide platforms through which you can broadcast live training sessions / courses / remote sessions.

The Creative Ones team provides its own servers configured to support the transmission of remote courses and provides consulting for their organization, including through internationally renowned platforms.

Why not take advantage of the technology of the 2020s to stay home and still be connected to school / high school / college and work, thus also protecting us from viruses (if applicable).

Request a personalized offer and contact a consultant of our team (0740 065 563, [email protected]), so that we can support you to configure the conduct of online courses, from a distance.

So, whether you represent:

- a private school

- any company that can carry out remote activity with employees (law firms, notary offices, public institutions of all kinds, etc.)

- or even the state school

we can support the development of your activity, offering consultancy and parameterizing together the online communication networks for children / teachers, as the case may be.

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