Social Media Marketing campaigns free audit

After receiving your request, a free auditing of your social media posts will be performed. After completing the audit, we will send you an offer with the included services, estimated time and price.


Social Media Marketing campaigns research

After signing the contract, we set the goals and budget together. We are looking for new opportunities for developing your business, studying competition at national and international level and developing a marketing plan according to your field of activity.


Social Media campaign implementation

We set up new account, implement tracking codes through Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, identify best targeting methods, create concept, content, and banner design. Once the posting plan is scheduled, a Digital Marketing Specialist will be responsible for monitoring them.


Social Media campaign report

We are constantly communicating with you and sending you periodic reports to see the results. Together we establish when we can meet to discuss what improvements can be made and how we can make the best decisions for maximum performance.


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Social Media Marketing Advantages:

  • Increase awareness
  • Increase the number of leads
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase Traffic
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Winning new market segments

Studies show that the new customer lifecycle points to every stage of influential social media. People who regularly interact with a brand in social media tend to faster become customers! Social Network presence helps you increase the number of visitors on your website and gain a better visibility in the online environment. It is good to be present in the social networks where your target audience is present (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Youtube). We make social media accounts for you and build social media marketing campaigns.

Brand Awareness through Social Media Marketing

With well-done posts, social media campaigns help you conceive a targeted audience around the brand you want to promote. Also, social media promotion leaves you with the opportunity to maintain a good communication with your audience, increasing your brand awareness as users start reacting to content published on social networks.

Traffic and Conversion Rate Increased using Social Media Marketing

Social media is an extra channel that generates relevant traffic to your business. Most people, including potential customers or your customers, are already present on social networks, and this makes social media a channel of communication between your brand and customers. Promoting products or services through social media can lead to an effective conversion rate for any type of business.

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  • Google MBA Program 2015
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