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Want to know why your website is not yet on the Google's first page or do you want a new website? Contact us for a free SEO audit and a personalized offer. Find out what is preventing your business from being the first in Google and making the first step towards a profitable business!


Onsite SEO optimization

After the start of the collaboration, the first step is to optimize your site in terms of technical elements and content. The starting point and the basis of any good SEO strategy is to establish the relevant keywords for your online business, always chosen with a focus on a higher conversion rate.


Offsite SEO optimization

As soon as the site meets all of Google's requirements to propel you amongst the strongest competitors in your business area, we can begin implementing the off-site SEO strategy. The strategy always focuses on link building, generating quality content (aligned with your brand communication strategy), and online presence on social networks.


SEO report

The results of our specialists' work will not be delayed, therefore, every month, you get a detailed report that will help you understand the effects of the SEO strategy applied for your website. Patience is what must characterize this type of investment, because truly impressive results can occur even one year after the start of implementing a SEO strategy.


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Do you want your business to generate more online sales? Choose the best long-term investment for your business. Statistically, it is proven that SEO is the most effective online marketing channel with the highest conversion rate.

How important is it to get on Google's first page? People are searching for the services and products they need using the search engine, and over 90% of them enter the first results from page 1. Your website isn't there? Officially, you miss countless chances to reach one of the main goals of your online business: Conversions, regardless of whether they are defined by online quotes or orders.

SEO Advantages

  • Your website is visited by those visitors interested in your products/services;
  • Your site becomes relevant, loads quickly, which can even lead to lower costs for adwords campaigns;
  • Increase the effectiveness of other online marketing tools you use to promote;
  • Increase your business performance
  • It is one step ahead of the competition;
  • Increase brand awareness ;
  • A good SEO strategy generates long-term results.

What does a SEO campaign contain?

SEO audit

We can not take the important steps of the SEO strategy without having knowledge of the current situation of your site. Each SEO strategy is personalized, depending on the elements identified during the audit. This is why this stage is very important and seriously treated by our specialized team.

An SEO audit includes a list of the irregularities identified on your website, which prevents it from occupying leading positions in the search engines. Thus, the audit will include aspects related to onsite SEO technical analysis (sitemap.xml, robots.txt, upload speed, headings, etc.), site content, and offsite analysis of backlinks (their distribution and anchor text).

On-page SEO

On-page optimization is very important to be able to perform and reach the top of Google's first results. Therefore, all site problems previously identified in the detailed analysis will be dealt with.

SEO is not just about a few technical issues, including the ability to understand your audience. Thus, the SEO on-page stage also involves optimizing page content, meta titles and descriptions, and site design where appropriate.

We use dedicated tools for detailed SEO analysis

Google Search Console, GTmetrix, MOZ

Off-site SEO

Once the on-page optimization process is completed, we implement the link-building strategy. At this stage, we will focus on getting quality links from relevant sites, creating quality content in line with your business communication strategy, and continuing to engage audience on social networking accounts . 

Keep in mind the specifics of your online business and develop an SEO optimization strategy that aligns with your goals. The SEO optimization methods used by us comply with the policies expressed by Google. That's why we can not promise visible results in just one month from the start of the collaboration, because using unapproved techniques to speed up the results will only worsen the current situation of your site.

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