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What would you do if you knew 8 million people use the Internet daily? But 83% of them trust to buy online? Use these figures to your advantage, increase your online sales! Choose your online sales plan to take place quickly thanks to an excellent ease of use - Wordpress Site Creation.

creare site wordpress
Wordpress is an online platform that allows you to create a presentation site or blog. What distinguishes it from other platforms is the ability to deploy hundreds of thousands of Wordpress modules, customizing your website in different ways you want. With an easy-to-manage administration panel, the wordpress site creation service becomes a choice for any entrepreneur who wants his business to be in the online environment.

Evolution of website creation services using wordpress

With specialization in PHP and MySQL, Michel Valdrighi launches b2 coffeeblog in 2001 to create a well structured web design. Today, Wordpress has greatly improved its interface and the ability to create modules so it has become a CMS platform with a frequent update path. With over 19% of the world's existing websites on this platform, Wordpress becomes the leader in site creation.

Advantages of the site creation service in Wordpress

realizare site wordpress
Due to our full-service segment at Creative Ones, the benefits of collaboration are unlimited. We offer our partners the possibility to access full services in any field of activity of a web agency, so if you choose the wordpress site creation service, you can get: - Creating a unique personalized website according to your business - Real time access to information Who, What, and When Implementing Changes on Your Website - Implementing Modules Required by You - Creating Content-Based Web Site - Creative Web Design Offered by our Qualified Graphics Specialists

In plus vei avea acces la serviciile de optimizare website in mediul online, prin oferirea de suport si consultant in vederea:

-Online promotion  by creating Adwords campaigns and SEO optimization on-site and / or off-site - Create photos for online stores. Our studio specializes in 360 degree photo editing - Create Custom Applications for Desktop or Mobile-Friendly, Custom Application Creation Service Provides Online Access to 64% of Romanian Internet Clients - Creating a customized CRM according to your business needs of yours. We offer you the opportunity to manage your bills, activity and hours of your employees through a custom CRM application. You can also give your partners access to view in real time what is being implemented on their project, which is the duration and by whom. Provides credibility and transparency to your services!!   

Get access to the full wordpress website creation service

   1. Inserts and edits the site directly from the administration panel. 2. Opt for custom design and get a wordpress platform easy to manage user-friendly. Get optimized web page for any device type. Do not miss sales opportunities, choose the 100% responsive wordpress site creation. 4. Facilitates the efficient indexing of your business from the beginning. Get SEO optimization services so your online page communicates quickly and securely with Google's search engine. It works online targeting up to the smallest SEO on-page details. 5. Is your business addressed to the expat community? Get the ability to optimize pages in the various common languages. 6. The security of your page is crucial. Protect your website due to the security services provided by our team. 7. Address the online audience by offering optimization in creating online stores. Gets 85% of mobile internet users through the mobile application creation service..

What does the wordpress website design work for?

creare site wordpress

Come with your business to us! Start your online business with Creative Ones consulting services to create a zero point site! Do not know which domain to choose? Do not you have any idea of ​​hosting a website or what are the selection criteria? We can help you: - Implement the Wordpress platform within your website - Every business is unique in its own way, so we add customized web design for your business success - Implement website menu based on your brief. Get expert advice from our programmers to implement the most effective modules on your Wordpress website - Adding products to your site. Choose the shooting service produced from Creative Ones or come with your photos, and we add them to your site - Create effective content. User-friendly, google-friendly or SEO-friendly - these are the qualities you should have any text content on any website. Get text content to convince users and search engines. I created the website in wordpress, what is the next step? After creating the website in wordpress and putting it online, we want targeted users to find out about it. What does this step mean? SEO optimization and Adwords campaigns. The SEO optimization service is divided into two branches: - SEO on-page - SEO off-page SEO on-page assumes the internal optimization of a website, namely: - Set / Include: Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Relevant Tags , add another Tag for image content, make seo-friendly links, link-building etc. SEO off-page is the total of backlinks coming from outside your website and posting relevant content using anchors with a link to you..

Website creation wordpress - a good choice?


If you also want a user-friendly web site and a control panel that is easy to optimize for you as an administrator, as well as a multitude of modules and implementations that can be made to personalize your website, then it is YES, the site creation service for your business is the ideal choice. Get the ideal google-friendly performance, personalized web design and important benefits thanks to the long-lasting experience, be part of a successful portfolio! Find out more details about creating wordpress, write us a brief at: [email protected] call us at +40 740 065 563 and give your project a start to your site. Get expert advice from our seniors programmers, quickly and easily move your online business climbing project.

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