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Simplified Bid Modules for Online Stores

        Different modules have been developed by Creative Ones web developers for online stores. These modules are designed to save time by automating the bidding process itself, ultimately resulting in a much easier process..

        What exactly did this simplification imply?

                  One of the online grocery stores that has implemented this module is the Online Store of Solar Panels and Ecosolaris Photovoltaic Systems. In the shopping cart, the Offer button will appear. This button only appears when someone is logged in to the online store admin. For customers and visitors, this button does not appear, so do not bother anyone, but on the contrary, help the online store manager make personalized deals by talking to customers on the phone or in any other circumstances.

                   Navigating and building an offer means that we have already discussed with the customer, we know his needs, we have already designed in our mind what we have to offer in the offer and we add these products to the basket. Once we have completed this process, we click on the offer button and automatically generate an official PDF, company header and previously selected products and added to the cart.

                   It is very important that it will also be registered in an area of ​​Offers in the administration panel. It is possible to select the currency in which to bid, and the prices will change automatically, write down the name of the beneficiary, change the date and time of the offer, we can arrange the order of the products on the offer, change the number of days of validity of the offer or the term Delivery. We can also change the prices of each land directly from this area or add a discount to the total price and add it immediately.

                    The last step is creating the offer by Generating PDFs that can be saved and sent by e-mail, and then sending the e-mail directly from the online store platform is done automatically. Here we have the option to check if we include in the e-mail the presentations that the products have attached, change the subject of the e-mail, add e-mail addresses and compose a forwarding text.

                   Click Send, will leave the e-mail directly from our online store platform to the e-mail of the mentioned partners

        I have submitted this offer from the Shop Ecosolaris online store platform. This is used successfully by our partners and the feedback is positive


        Below you can see the presentation of another online offer for online stores that we have created for our clients. The example below is for the customer Aquabiz

        For more details about custom software development, click here!


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