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QR Codes are today more popular than ever.
For businesses, they have become a tool for promotion, presentation, attractive and useful.
Fast, powerful and with a capacity to process and store a large volume of characters, QR technology is a marketing tool that you should take full advantage of.

What is a QR code and how does it work?

The QR code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode capable of transmitting a wide variety of information, almost instantly, by scanning with a mobile device. With the QR code, access to information is ultra fast.

New smartphone models have a QR code reader integrated into the phone's camera, but if the phone does not have a QR code reader, there are a multitude of QR code reading applications in the application stores easy to download and use.

QR codes can be static or dynamic with applicability in the most diverse forms and domains.

Static QR code

The static QR code contains information that is fixed and uneditable once the code has been generated.
They are ideal for generating business card-type information, company presentations, etc.

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR codes allow updating, editing of information.
It helps especially for marketing and sales objectives, they save the costs of printing brochures, leaflets, offering by accessing them information about the company or various promotion campaigns.

The QR code has evolved a lot in recent years and has increasingly simplified access to information, being a perfect platform, friendly to mobile devices.
Being a bridge between online and offline, the QR code helps you connect with the public by providing more information about what your company represents, information about the products and the services you offer.

With a landing page as the destination page dedicated to the information transmitted via QR code, adapted for mobile devices, for example, you no longer have to log in to website to provide information to the public. In addition, it can store an entire gallery of images, video, audio, PDF etc.

Improve the experience of your customers with the help of the QR code!

Simpler and faster.

With a single QR code scan using a camera app, smartphone users get quick access to URLs, brochures, mobile apps and related information.

The QR code has applicability in the most diverse fields:

  • promoting social networks
  • online shopping
  • collecting feedback
  • location of shops, offices
  • orientation towards social networks
  • purchases of products with certain characteristics or within campaigns
  • application downloads
  • generating leads
  • orientation towards landing pages
  • the possibility to instantly order certain products, etc.

QR codes can be placed anywhere, on:

  • web pages
  • posters
  • business cards
  • leaflets, brochures, flyers
  • billboards
  • showcases, windows
  • restaurant menu
  • screens, displays
  • packing etc.

An example to better familiarize yourself with the benefits offered by QR Code:

Do you own a restaurant? Imagine how easy, simple, economical, modern and even hygienic it is to offer your customers the possibility to download the menu directly through through the QR Code. No "tired" and worn menus on the table, touched by everyone... no expenses for prints and above all, with the possibility to update when you need the information.

Direct advantages:

  • You build customer loyalty by offering them quick access to useful information and promotions
  • Increase traffic on your online store
  • Increase the number of leads
  • Increase the purchase rate of your products
  • Simplify various processes and ways to get in touch with customers
  • Increase the notoriety of your brand

Here is another creative example of using the QR Code:

sursa: Youtube, Commercial Break channel

Now use QR Code as a digital marketing strategy to develop your business!

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