Analyze and identify the necessary resources

We work with pleasure and passion in what we deliver, so the first step is to prepare the Design part of the mobile application to be developed. We will have a clear and well-structured platform over time.


Mobile Application Design (Android & IOS)

The second step is to allocate resources in the design area. It is about a software development project for a mobile application with mostly unique features, so that we need to put on paper every detail of the project to be developed. At the end of the design part of the mobile application (including the web application) to be developed, we will have sketches, logical schemes, full descriptions which will allow us in the next stages to focus only on the implementation or delivery of the project in qualitative conditions.


Developed Mobile Application. NATIVE development for Android and IOS

Based on the project, already establishing the necessary resources and having the final objectives and intermediate steps to achieve them, step 3 represents the implementation, effective development of the application.


Testing and getting into production

Step 4 is the final one and represents the testing and publishing of applications, followed by maintenance and further developments, if it is necesary.


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Benefits of mobile app development services:

  • Direct interaction with your potential customers
  • Excellent visibility of your brand
  • Quick access to Google Play
  • Intuitive and friendly interface
  • Higher consumer loyalty
  • The ability to quickly notify your target audience
  • Custom mobile app development

    Each client has specific requirements when they want an Android or iOS mobile app. We develop custom mobile apps for any type of business to help you reach the target audience and offer them an enjoyable experience. Your app users will enjoy such complex and useful functionalities. Google studies have found a high percentage of mobile users in Internet browsing, which has led to a noticeable increase in conversions made using mobile devices. 

If you also want to reach your target audience, adjusting your business to mobile devices can represent a substantial increase in your sales by placing your business in the top of your consumer preferences, overcoming your competition.

Here are the benefits of creating a mobile application and why our partners GCouriers have launched through us a super Uber like mobile application.

What`s an mobile Android App?

Mobile Android Application is a software that has the purpose to run using an Android operation system. Generally, Android system are used by mobile devices, tablets or even car navigations. Mobile Applications can be implemented for any business that wants to maintain currency to it`s consumers, trough an easy to use application installed in any mobile device. For example mobile application development for online magazines can integrate different factors like: contact informations of the company (name of the company, contact address, telephone number, the main website) and the opportunity to purchase your product/services by mobile application, thanks to the product categories, product/services pages where you can add to cart what you want and easy choosing the paying method for the final order. Note: It`s an easy way to update informations about your products or your magazine offers by using a good mobile software custom application. A great aspect of the custom made application for mobile device specialized to your business represents the possibility to make a call to your company right through the application making easier the contact C2B. In a speed century when the information speed represents the main factor of choosing a company, the creation of a customized android application represents the main path to the success of your business.  

What is the percent of online acquisitions using an mobile application?

Studies shows that 66% of consumers found out about the existence of a product/service thanks to the internet, fact which become essential for making a great marketing strategy for all the internet mobile users. For product acquisition it seems that 9% are buying using a mobile phone and only 4% are using a tablet, users over 83% choosing to finish the transaction using a PC only after they saw the product offer by the mobile. That`s why Google`s studies results are talking about the ability of the mobile internet to inform the consumers about the products/services that a business has this making a very large necessity to the all websites to have and a responsive website. After seeing the product on the mobile internet they are coming back to PC and finish the process of buying. Service of mobile apps development – a must have to any business With huge experience in online marketing and creating of Android Apps, Creative Ones is offering over the past 6 years integrated solutions for any kind of business. Times investment and applied knowledge of graphic design, UX, UI, optimization and development offers mobile application creation service at a high level of excellent experience for users. creare aplicatii mobile ios windows android

Mobile App development service or IOS mobile applications are reporting to a great experience regarding the impact to the online over all targeted users, offering specialized consultancy for choosing the right mobile app structure to be the best for your business. Press Get Quotations, fill the form attached and let`s get started the success of your online business!

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