We collect data about your business and business objectives, study competition and your target audience to shape your visual identity. We analyze the examples of the sites you've proposed to see the quality standards and expectations.



We design the visual layouts of the website structure, according to the requirements, functionalities and technologies to be used.


Visual Style

Designing the prototype, site appearence development in Photoshop or other graphics software. We set the color gamut, the typography, the iconography, the images, the visual character of the web elements that users are used to: buttons, inputs, text fields, forms, tables.


UI/UX Design

We make sure to check the optimization of the design so that, after its implementation, the user can reach as soon as possible and with fewer steps to what page he's interested in. Also, we can decide what we want to convey to targeted users through a specific design.


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Improve or create a visual identity by:

  • Professional Logo
  • Design for Business Cards
  • Complete design for other advertising material,such as brochures, flyers, roll-ups, banners, and so on
  • Personalize documents internal / external
  • CD multimedia presentation
  • Website Design
  • Implementation strategy to promote brand
  • Marketing & Branding Audit
  • Rebranding & Identity Concept

The visual identity of a business is the main factor that helps brands differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out from the crowd. A visual identity includes representative visual elements such as: logo, website, advertising design.

A business logo is a very important element, and our specialists already know what the features of a perfect logo are. The logo and name are the ones that will make your brand popular, so we make sure it sends the right message to your audience.

Are you starting or already have a business and you don't have a professional and representative LOGO? Is your business visual identity outdated or needs a refresh to fit into current trends? Do you need rebranding? A Brand needs to be easily recognizable and contain unique visual elements. Have you thought these things can only be obtained by working with professionals? Our experienced team of web designers, graduates of the School of Arts, will create from scratch or recreate your business visual identity!

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Why should you choose Creative Ones?

  • Hundreds of successful projects for international clients, public institutions, start-ups
  • Senior programmers with experience in PHP, Java, Android, iOS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Marketing specialists with Google Adwords certifications
  • Designer graduates of the Arts Faculty with experience in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Google MBA Program 2015
  • EMEA Mobile Ads 2017
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