Install Creative SMS App

Install the Android app on your mobile phone used for SMS delivery. It's about your own phone, the one you use to communicate with your customers. Search for “Creative SMS” in Google Play or click here.


Create Account on Creative SMS Platform

Create an account on Create SMS platform and then verify the link receieved by email.


Log in to Creative SMS

On your mobile phone, log in to Android Creative SMS application with the user and password used to open the account on the platform. Now you can send SMS directly from your computer (instant sms menu), your phone and web platform are connected via the Creative SMS application.


Connect your Online Store

However, the application is developed to link your online store through the API. So, access API settings from the platform and connect your online store with your own programming team or ask for our services to implement them!


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  • Android App Module for SMS Marketing
  • Automatically or manually notify your customers about their order status
  • SMS Marketing App especially designed for online stores
  • Save time and increase your brand awareness
  • Send free SMS from your personal phone or the company’s phone
  • Send free SMS to your customers
  • Especially designed for professional online stores

The Android SMS App for the online stores developed by Creative Ones works in the following manner:

  • Install the Adroid SMS App on the mobile which sends SMS
  • Before installing, the Android App is configured with the name of your website and other parameters required for its functionality, both in the web and mobile area.
  • In the admin area of your online store, there will be developed an additional field through which you cand send SMS messages using various topics, which remain saved for the next orders.

The SMS Marketing App can be also purchased from Google Play, but its linked setup and installation to your online store  is made exclusively by our team for FREE (or including in payment option), configuring the parameters for each domain and website.

How would it be to be able to send free SMS to your customers?

How would it help you confirm the pickup and delivery orders on your online store?

Request a custom offer for your Opencart online store or for any other opensource or custom-made platform.


Below you can see the image of an Opencart online store developed by Creative Ones, which has the sms transmission function implemented through the Android app installed on the contact mobile for the website.


Also we could use this app for other e-shop platforms like Prestashop, Magento, Wordpress, etc. but also for custom web application developed by us or other companies.

So, you could be informed by SMS from your phone or your company phone about whatever a web site or an application could do (you set it).

If you have an online shop you as owner could be informed by SMS about:

  • new recived orders
  • new e-mail in imbox
  • low stok of a product
  • etc. we cuould develop other custom things
  • But, the main advantages are:
    • your clients will be informed by SMS about their orders, directly from your phone number, so they could reply
    • they could confirm, so we could automate the order process (this involve custom develop of your e-shop platform)
    • you could inform your clients about new products, new promotion, etc. directly from your phone managed by your e-shop platform or our Creative SMS platform (automated or manualy)
  • Conversion is better

If you have a CRM, ERP, or other custom software custom developed for your business, you could be informed by SMS about:

  • new task asigned for you or your team.
  • tasks update.
  • other notification, you decide

So, it is an app you instaled on your phone (that will send SMS) and this app will be linked to your e-shop admin or your software

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