Analyze required server capacity

Depending on required emailboxes number or the required space and traffic, we will choose the appropriate email server that could be a small separate VPS or Share Server.


Resource allocation planning

Although it seems a simple thing, allocating resources for the email service is a matter to be paid attention to. It is recommended that the e-mail server be separated from the web or development server.


Get e-mails

Time will be allocated to set automatic downloading of previous email accounts to the new server structure. We only allocate different structures, separated by the web area.


Operation, monitoring and support

Even if we choose an external server (Gmail or Microsoft, etc.) or one of our servers (with separate IP, individually), we have the ability to offer permanent support services for them.


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Safely communicate and increase your business productivity! We provide professional email hosting services.
If you have a domain name and need to send and receive emails, we can set up an e-mail server for you.
  • More storage space
  • You can install on mobile devices
  • Unique IP for your safety
  • Perfect for medium and low budgets
  • You can install a website in the future
  • Daily Backup (depending on subscription)

We also provide Cloud Computing services on specialized servers in Romania or abroad. Our partners are carefully selected and tested. After a while, you might be interested in creating a visual identity or an ecommerce website. For more information, click the following links: To create an ecommerce website, click here. to create a presentation website click here.

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