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Are you looking for a dedicated team of programmers for the online store creation service using the Opencart platform? We know how complicated it is to choose the right partner, so at Creative Ones we offer you consultancy services so you can make the right choice to get the opencart site creation service.

Create an opencart site - build the success of your online store!

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    At Creative Ones we are 100% involved in creating our partners' projects, so we offer you complete services for creating, optimizing, maintaining and promoting your business online! With over 5 years experience in creating online stores, they benefit from the benefits of implementing a complete website. Invest in your potential entrepreneurship! We Trust Your Choice - Experience has taught us that any entrepreneur finds the need for a consultant to choose the right image for his business, so we have created the consulting service so that you can have full control over the process of creating the website. We base the success of your online business - The online store creation service can be quite complex, so it is extremely important for those who set the foundation for creating your website to have all the resources needed for the action to be done without mistakes programming. Each mistake costs: time, amount invested, and implicitly the success of your business. We build brands - after creating the opencart site, we put in place the strategy to create your business image. Get the creation of your business identity, the image really counts! Benefit from maximum security - services are complete when assured! Enjoy the benefit of creating an online store using a fully secure opencart..

What is opencart?

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Opencart is the ideal solution for creating and managing an online store. With a history since 1998, opencart currently owns all the modules needed to manage and get the desired interface. Being one of the most used platforms for creating an online store, opencart has a relatively simple encryption type, with the ability to quickly deploy the requested modules by programmers. The complete solution for creating a site with the ability to integrate over 10,000 products, opencart is the answer for any type of start-up business.

Create opencart site - what are the advantages?

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Opencart is the right platform for both small and medium businesses, giving you the opportunity to build an efficient eCommerce system that is fast and easy to manage even by an uninvited in programming. Benefits from the opencart site creation service, allowing you to create an easy-to-manage administration panel, thus giving up the maintenance and ongoing management of a full-time webmaster. Easily add photos, videos, descriptions, stock, prices and even proper SEO words. Thanks to creating an opencart site, you have the ability to manage 2 or even more online stores in one panel. This way you will have real administration advantages due to the possibility of: - setting the products you want to be active, depending on the chosen online store - choosing the different language or even the currency depending on the location you want - setting the cost of the products according to the store wanted online - the ability to implement personalized modules - the ability to create multilingualism - the possibility to add multi-currency module with automatic conversion - the possibility of efficient SEO implementation on-site - unlimited number of presentation pages & add relevant information - the ability to Create sales reports with the ability to filter - implement an unlimited number of manufacturers. Do you want to build a complete online store for different regions of the globe? Why not have the ability to administer each section for different regions in a single panel! With opencart, you have the ability to set the right currency for each targeted region with a module that allows you to use multiple payment methods useful for any type of business, here are some of them: - LiqPay - - PayPal - PayPoint - Klama - eWay (UK, AU, NZ) - Karna - Secure Trading - SagePay - Bank Transfer - Cash On Dellivery - Collect in store

Creare site opencart la Creative Ones

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The Creative Ones team shares common B2B values, so if you want: - Ultra-specialized consulting to implement opencart site creation - Full support for choosing a suitable Web Design - Unlimited control over your project implementations: Get real-time information on what you are doing, how you work, and how much you work on your website due to the CRM Creative application - complete online store promotion / promotion services: we offer graphic design creation to get your identity (logo, web design , chromatic) of your business, creative content SEO-friendly; user-friendly; Google-friendly, product photography (360-degree photo studio), online marketing (implementing Adwords campaigns, Facebook Ads and / or SEO on-site / off-site), landing page creation, many others.

Did I create the site in opencart, what do I do now?

I worked together at the bases of your project, the website is ready, what is next? An online-ready website needs visitors! We work together to set up targeted advertising campaigns effectively to achieve desired results.

Ce iti oferim?

- create social media representative pages: social media is where your potential customers spend most of their time, be with them! Set up your accounts on: Facebook, Twitter, G +, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Be present! Give yourself time to communicate with potential customers. They answer the challenges or concerns that they may have. - Setting up promotion campaigns: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEO optimization. Google Adwords campaigns allow you to climb your website, following a keyword selection based on your niche, right on the front page of Google searches. A generous budget, as well as setting up campaigns by an Adwords specialist, can bring you the desired conversions! Advantages: the first page of searches from the start of the promotion campaign. Disadvantages: stopping the Adwords campaign will also stop the traffic on your website.
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Facebook Ads allows you to promote your services to Facebook users. Launch campaigns to promote your business where your target audience spends the most time. It benefits from highly targeted filtering due to Facebook promotion features. SEO optimization - SEO optimizations are divided into two main categories: on-site SEO and off-site SEO. SEO on-site: Represents all the optimizations of keywords, images, titles, descriptions, etc. from the site. Off-site SEO: Encompasses all implementations that can be brought out of your website in order to increase its reputation by sending links using anchor keywords appropriate to your goal. Advantages: SEO optimization results remain valid even after the end of the SEO campaign Disadvantages: The results of SEO implementation can be seen in about 3-6 months after the start of the campaign, unlike Adwords campaigns. The 3 online promotion strategies complement each other, achieving real full benefits.

Conclusion - opencart site creation - the right choice for me?

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Benefits from over 5 years of experience in creating online stores, smartly investing in making your career a successful entrepreneur! Write us at: [email protected] or call +40 740 065 563 / +40 723 367 376 and tell us about your vision of a successful project!

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