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From you can find a lot of information about the APA we drink and whether it is healthy or not. Water is extremely important in our lives:

  • We are 70% water and we need constant hydration.
  • We use it in the daily personal hygiene and of the work or living space.
  • We use water for the operation of household appliances and for cooking.
  • Every day, we turn on the tap dozens of times and throw pets.

When you use something daily, it is good to analyze and take into account two aspects:

  • Quality
  • Price

asking yourself at least the following questions:

  • Do you consume the best quality water?
  • Are you sure your pet water is healthy?
  • How well does your washing machine work? What does the resistance of the car look like and if you had to change it?
  • Do stainless steel and glass objects have white spots after washing?
  • Do you have to use anti-limescale products?
  • How much do you spend per day on bottled water?
  • How big is the effort to carry the basket of water to the supermarket and then home?

Have you considered buying a water filter?

In terms of water quality, there are two approaches: most often we use bottled water for consumption and tap water for domestic use.

On the one hand we have high costs and effort and on the other hand a questionable quality.

Unfortunately, the environment is more and more polluted and the tap water contains many impurities that make it unsuitable for personal consumption and even its use in household appliances. Deposits of sediments, impurities, limestone… affect household appliances and degrade them over time. Consuming tap water does not cause us any taste pleasure and is not safe for our health.

Hard water or impurities not only affect the components of appliances and shorten their lifespan but also promote the development of a bacterial environment which is not desirable at least in the case of espresso or appliances that help us prepare food.

How many times have you had to turn on the faucet and run out of cloudy water or rust?

Are you still tempted to use it?

What to do? Do we buy bottled water with hundreds of liters, do we break our backs carrying it, do we constantly spend sums of money not to be neglected?

Professional systems for filtering, treating and purifying water by reverse osmosis are an efficient solution to have daily quality water and safe for consumption, for hygiene.

A high-performance water filter has proven effectiveness in removing impurities and various sediments. The reverse osmosis filter filters water at the molecular level. The result is pure, high-quality drinking water, right from the tap.

A reverse osmosis filter is the best investment you can make for your health.

Installing a water filter in your location has a number of advantages and benefits:

  • It helps you stay healthy
  • It saves you from shopping to buy water
  • Get rid of harmful pets and doubt that even bottled water is not the healthiest
  • Extends the life of large and small appliances
  • Protects your sanitary ware such as shower, sink and tub faucets that will no longer be stained with limescale and will not degrade.
  • It brings you significant savings on your budget

Aquatech solution

Aquatech is a provider of water purification and treatment systems and covers the full range of such services. Aquatech diagnoses the problem - water analysis - offers the water purification solution adapted to your space, delivers and installs the equipment and offers service during the use of the equipment.

At Aquatech we find a wide range of water filtration equipment that can be used for domestic or industrial use.

But how does reverse osmosis work?

It is a modern concept, a new technology that purifies drinking water. That is, it makes it clear, odorless, free of impurities, viruses and bacteria - safe for both adults and children, even babies.

With quality water and food you will taste better.

Reverse osmosis filter is one of the most cost-effective water purification solutions.

You can thus benefit from a safe source of good drinking and used water at home, non-stop, without having to go to the store, carry containers and spend money, time and energy.

An automatic water softener, which does not take up space, consumes little power and is easy to install and manage is the solution in case the tap water flows hard.

The water softener is chosen according to the specifics of the location and following a microbiological sample of the water from the respective location. A high-performance softener removes hard water.

The website provides all the technical information you need to make the decision to consume healthy water. With a full range of products and the most famous partners in the profile market, Aquatech solves the pressing problem of drinking water, safe for consumption. You can find a series of technical details on the site, you can view products and choose the one that suits your needs. The structuring of information and products is done separately on two Industrial and Residential areas. Order forms connect customers with Aquatech.

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