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Considering that besides bespoke custom software, we dedicate our time to create online store on opensource platforms, especially Opencart, but also Prestashop, CS Cart, Magento, OS Commerce, etc., over time we have detected several irregularities with them.

So, we've decided to develop our own personalized online store system to solve a number of problematic situations that online stores have on open source platforms.

Here is a case study on creating one of the most complex PHP projects developed within Creative Ones. This is the creation of a web platform developed in the PHP Laravel framework that integrated several dozen websites into one online store admin..

First Steps: Develop a custom PHP platform for online stores  

The first steps were to develop custom online store platforms, developed in Frameworks such as Laravel, which have met several management requirements from the beneficiaries.

An example of a custom online store developed at zero order is the custom platform, which includes several other presentation sites or online stores that are managed from a single admin (CMS - Content Management System). Therefore, the atvrom's web platform is a multi-shop online store, which has achieved a number of issues related in particular to the SEO promotion but also to manage your online business as follows:

  • There is only one database of web products. The products have different seo links, different seo titles, different seo descriptions, as well as prices, offers and promotions on each presentation site or online store displayed also differently but with the same link in a single well-optimized database.
  • The online store administrators developed on the Creative Ones platform (Laravel Framework) have the ability to work very easily, administering dozens of web sites with hundreds or thousands of products, all in one place. This is especially easy to manage online stores, because without logging in and delogging into the site's admin and without remembering dozens of passwords and losing a lot of time for that, you can enter into a place yourself and manage offers from dozens of web sites in your personal web platform.

The multi-shop online store platform, developed by Creative Ones for atvrom, also has business management functions, as follows:

  • You know at any time, very quickly where the offers are coming from, which web site or online store from the network.
  • Product volume statistics sold online and other useful figures. Everything centralized into a single dashboard for all platform sites.

Creare magazin online - Platforma custom

* The above image shows how to display commands in the atvrom web platform. Basically, we see from what site the offer went in and other details related to orders. We also have the opportunity to set Reminders, warnings, do not forget to contact them later, their status, etc ;

* Also, there is one color code for each request category (new request - white, request response, leasing department request, etc.);

* requests are expanding and so each of them can be edited / deleted;

Creare magazin online - Platforma custom

  • Best seller / seller statistics.
  • Online shop statistics on each offer with the offer and what are their stages.
  • Online CRM integrated into the platform that manages all network clients. This helps to permanently bid on adjacent products / services.

If before the launch of the new web platform it takes up to 2 hours to draw up an offer for an ATV application coming to the old online shop, now only a few clicks are generated in a maximum of 2-3 minutes o personalized offer with a PDF with a personalized visual identity developed specifically for the atvrom in the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransmitting it to its clients in a professional manner, which generated online sales growth.

  • This is possible due to the unification of the web database and the creation of a custom software script that aggregates the database information to be delivered in the offer.
  • The software also allows you to add fields with custom descriptions separately for each user.
  • Unification of the database has generated time gain by the fact that only a few administrators can now manage the offer for thousands of products on all platform sites.
  • Creating unique content, besides SEO benefits, also generates the possibility of fast bidding on the platform.
  • Practically, given that each product has quality content, price, attributes, etc. it can be quickly included in the offer generated by customers who submit quotes.

Creare magazin online - Platforma custom

  • Each individual offer permits the addition of other products. Let's say he's contacting the customer and is also offering a shield for the ATV, but also a heated handlebar or other superior product, etc. The offer can be complemented by admin and other products in the web platform database
  • Additional services, additional warranties, attachments, etc. can be added.
  • Later, payment links can be generated (card, bitcoin, etc.) and can be transmitted by e-mail, can be printed, etc.
  • There is also the possibility of setting a Reminder in the idea that according to the customer's call it is decided to contact it over x days / weeks (for various reasons like when the product arrives, then it will have money, etc.). The Web Platform knows then to alert in the admin, to send reminders automatically, etc.
  • Also, Memento / Reminder requests become the first 1 day before the set deadline, see below:

Creare magazin online - Platforma custom

  • Here is an example of a request received several days ago that became due on that day. I mean, some time ago was set to return on 14.04 with information and here is the web system responded accordingly


Web application development history and collaboration atvrom

  • Prior to this upgrade, the platform was developed in codeignither, php software. Now, on upgrade, the entire platform was updated to a PHP software developed in the Laravel Framework, much more powerful and more detail-minded.
  • More than 30 atvrom sites have migrated to the new platform developed by Creative ONES, based on PHP Laravel Framework, one of the most popular PHP frameworks at this time.
  • The project was developed over 3 years, during which we provided maintenance services for the entire atvrom network. So, sites developed in wordpress, Joomla, OS Commerce and not only have been crafted, rebuilt and then managed by our team.
  • During the collaboration, we made the decision to work on a custom web platform, unique to all sites in the network, so we do not have all sorts of CMSs, but we just relate to one that embraces them all.
  • Web project development methodology (read more here) which we used was connected to the latest technologies, versioning and backup systems on multiple servers, working teams of several programmers.
  • At this level, a GIT versioning system supported us during the running of the projects and allowed us to view the progress of the works on separate development links. Also, through versioning systems you have the possibility to go back to a previous version, and the Team Manager decides what they are sending and what is not in production.

Useful information about web applications and PHP frameworks.

We invite you to read more about PHP frameworks to this link.

Our team specializes mainly on Laravel Framework, but we offer services web maintainance for any PHP platform.

Also, we develop custom software on demand especially platforms for online multishop stores, but not only. If from what you read in this case study you think it suits the specifics of the business you manage, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond with pleasure.

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