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Creative Ones as provider, provider of software services, respectively Creating web sites and on-demand applications starting with the design and needs analysis and continuing with the implementation, monitoring and permanent maintenance of the developed web based platforms, has developed over the years working methodologies with the aim both of making the activity more efficient and especially having and objectively understanding and completing in good conditions the modules and components of web projects, especially those related to the development of custom software applications.

Creative Ones understands and undertakes to deliver quality and performance services in accordance with the obligations assumed under the contracts signed with Customers, so that customer care and interests are topped in any business analysis or web project to be implemented..

Creative Ones's objectives include the creation of custom-made web sites with customized design and their implementation with attention to detail, especially frendly mobile. Also, the services that our company offers successfully are related to the development of web-based software applications based on specific requirements built upon design with attention to detail.

Whether it's the specifications that are presented in a tender offer at a public auction, or it's a web project presented by a company to be developed, Creative Ones has the logistics capability but also the know-how necessary to lead to good end the projects in question..

Workflow Web Sites and Platforms, Custom Web Based Applications

Creative Ones addresses the activities of a project based on a type approach AGILE. This requires an iterative approach to project management and software development that helps the team deliver value to their client and web project. AGILE's methodology focuses more on deliverables than on launch of the final product. Customer requirements, plans and results are continually evaluated so that the team responds to rapid change.

Agile being just a manifest, the methodology used to implement AGILE will be SCRUM. SCRUM is one of the most popular frameworks to implement AGILE..

According to SCRUM methodology, software delivery activities are distributed over fixed periods (called iterations / sprints). A sprint will result in a demo in front of the customer, following which the team will receive a feedback that may or may not work in the next sprint..

Stages of personalized design site development and web based application software

We will exemplify below the stages of analyzing and developing customized web design and web based software applications that will be deployed throughout the project.

Initial activities

The client meets with the IT project manager who, together with the assigned development team, begins by making a short description of the project based on customer specifications explaining its needs and showing an overall view of the final software application.

The client, together with the IT project manager, splits the software development project specifications into "epic". An epic is a group of similar activities within the project. For example, a group of similar activities could mean creating a Payments Module.

The IT Project Manager and the client will work to generate "user story" based on the "epics" previously identified. These are a breakdown of the activities in the form of a user's story that will use the platform's functionality.

For example, a user story for the development of an on-demand software: "As a vendor, I want to be able to manage my accommodation unit so that my clients can benefit from up-to-date information in a timely manner." This could be a user story to which the acceptance criteria are attached, that is the details of this functionality that must be found in the final product.

Once the acceptance criteria are met within the development of the software application, the user story is considered to be fully completed and any other additions, modifications will be treated separately as such.

Cyclical development of personalized design websites or custom software within sprints (a sprint will last 2 weeks)

Sprint planning: planning the "user story" that will be included in the sprint according to their complexity and the number of hours / man available over the 2 weeks.

Splitting: sharing "user story" between team members

Daily stand-up: a day-to-day meeting between team members and the project manager, each of which makes the day's ups and downs, exposes the difficulties or bottlenecks encountered and what to develop in the day

Sprint demo: a meeting with team members and the client where each member of the team makes a demo of the assigned user story.

Retrospective: A review of the development activities that have gone well or not and actions that we should take so that the next sprint will be better.

These activities outlined above will be repeated throughout the project so that the development team and the client will benefit from an overall vision of the project and be sure that customer requirements are understood and projected / implemented under the best conditions.

Portfolio Development Web Sites and Web Based Apps

Our Programming and Web Design Company has, over time, gathered a vast portfolio of clients finishing over 800 projects, most of them being particularly sophisticated in terms of programming. The projects consisted of:

• CRM web applications customized on demand

• CRM Creative Ones, your own activity monitoring application within a web development firm

• Various web based business management applications. Customized applications to streamline sales management, etc.

• Applications for automatic SMS management and sending (embedded in other web based applications or customized customized websites)

• Create web based applications for project and task management for Creative Ones customers

• Creating various web based applications to monitor employee activity

• Web application development

• Billing programs and software applications for managing invoices and / or orders, due dates, notifications, etc.

• Web applications for automatic scanning and retrieval of data from the Internet

• Web applications to automate various repetitive online activities

• Creating web applications for managing events and reservations and managing them efficiently

• Maintenance and Creation of automated web applications to facilitate customer retention

• Web applications for pricing and pricing

• Other customized web-based applications based on requests submitted by the beneficiaries

• Multi-store web platforms managed from a single, personalized, zero-based admin

• Car rental site with discounts based on number of days and periods developed on a web platform that allows for maintenance and management

• Online catalog for private or state schools, for example: CRM Admin developed on-line school online catalog

• Web site development with travel platform for online reservation management. The development of these platforms has been the basis of cumulated experience to participate in public auctions organized on this category of platforms

• Other complex configurators (examples: garage door configurators, route configurators, configurators for transport companies, etc.)

• Develop customized CRM web platforms with Time tracking and employee employee management functions and other reporting functions

A complex and unique project in Romania is the realization of a UBER package for deliveries of parcels. In 2017 our company launched Gcouriers, one of the most complex web and Android applications in Romania..

Several other web-based projects created by our web development team can be viewed by accessing::

dezvoltare site

Development of Web Based Search Engine Type

Also, with regard to the development of search engines, respectively of search engine web applications integrated into various other software or sites, Creative Ones has developed over time applications that have required complex search operations. Queries in the database will be written so that the hardware resources are used effectively. As far as the information is cached and will not be processed every time what consumes inefficient resources.

Creative Ones has experience in the use of CMS (Content Management Systems) using opensource or licensed platforms such as: Wordpress, Drupal, Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, etc.

Examples of websites developed in Prestashop: Websites created on Opencart:;;;;, etc.

On wordpress, websites developed for presentation:,,, (artista),,, etc.

Web frontend themes. For the development of personalized design websites

We have also built our own CMS web platform developed on Laravel, one of the best performing frameworks today. We've been inspired by the modules of these sophisticated platforms to translate these basic and advanced web features into our own system that we have implemented in its true utility and complexity on the web platform developed entirely by the Creative Ones Development Team.

Creative Ones has developed over time several custom themes for portfolio projects. We have experience in this area especially as the oldest employees of the company are those in the web / frontend design area. We also developed a suite of wireframes for customized web design sites, some sketches from which to engage in web-based discussions from a variety of themes.

Custom custom web site creation that supports XML and API integrations or other product feeds integration

Creative Ones implemented over time API, SML integration with third parties. The PHP programmers of our experienced web-based team can integrate APIs through both REST (JSON format) and SOAP (XML format) protocols.

Typically, third parties offering web integration for tour operators, for example, offer SOAP integrations, this being the de facto industry standard a few years ago, so an outdated technology. Before starting a project in this area, it will be necessary to specify the third parties with which to integrate as the delivery time and complexity will vary substantially depending on the developed integration. Especially on the web side, attention is paid to these integrations as they are constantly being watched.

Developed online sites or online stores with payment, reporting, and billing functions

Our web site development team, but especially creating online stores with personalized design and specifications, has experience in creating Reporting and Billing systems. Even its own CRM system is built around employee web development work hours and automated billing to customers.

We also recommend additional customers and integration with a third party to issue invoices (eg smartbill), so that outsourcing billing responsibility is outsourced. Invoices and other payment features will be generated from web platforms built into projects and will be visible alongside third-party reporting on the financial side.

PHP frameworks used to develop web applications and custom sites

Our web development team has experience in using the Codeigniter framework. Since the beginning of the company this framework has been used intensively within the developed web projects. Although we know it very well and we can deliver projects using Codeigniter since 2016, we have begun to re-analyze the web development processes used, since Codeigniter is a framework whose popularity has declined in recent years with the emergence of modern PHP frameworks like " Laravel "," Symfony "," Phalcon "(used more in the development of APIs). The final decision to choose a PHP framework or another belongs entirely to the recipient (if it has preferences) and we can ensure that regardless of the choice made by our company will be able to deliver the web development projects on demand according to the submitted requirements.

dezvoltare site

Securing web sites and web-based applications via SSL, Anti Hacking, Backdoors & shells

Our team has gained experience over time with the best practices in terms of security of a web site or web applications. SSL certificates (for the https protocol) are industry standard now, including browsers alerting users when they are not implemented properly or not at all. To benefit from the highest standards of security, we recommend the use of popular cloud services: Amazon Web Services *, Azure *, Cloudflare * for the site's production environment. What we will consider to limit possible security breaches:

• Writing web sites or web applications will be done by preventing SQL injection and XSS (Cross-site scripting)

• Regularly updating applications or websites running on the server

• Use of PHP 7.1 developers and permanent updating of Web sites or web applications created under an indefinite maintenance contract

• Access to the database will only be allowed by virtual machines running the sites or web application concerned

• SSH (shell) access to virtual machines running the web application will only be allowed using the Creative Ones IP address and another static IP address specified by the client (if applicable). This concept is known as „host bastion".

* servicii ce nu sunt incluse de obicei in ofertele standard si reprezinta costuri separate ce trebuie suportate de client. Creative Ones are statutul de dezvoltator site-uri la comanda si aplicatii web based personalizate si de solutii cloud complexe de tipul celor mentionate ci eventual doar de configurarea acestora dupa ce clientul achizitioneaza aceste servicii. In unele situatii se poate ca serverul care gestioneaza site-urile sau aplicatiile web dezvoltate sa fie in datacentre-ul proprietatea Creative Ones, iar aici se pot configure clustere de servere web care printr-un server dedicat de tip Load Balancer sa se directioneze traficul catre alte servere din sistem.

Create site with custom design or web-based applications with script "special offers"

Creative Ones has experience writing web sites and modular web applications. Web script modules will be separated into different classes / folders / bundles regardless of the PHP framework to be used so PHP modules can be enabled / disabled. The "special offers" module can only be implemented after exposing its specifications.

Create customized websites and web apps with different module types: Coupon mode, Blog mode, Payout mode, Socialization mode, Review mode

As previously mentioned, applications are modularly developed so that each module can be developed separately or enabled / deactivated on demand. Each web application script script may have its own own specifications with its own user stories and acceptance criteria.

Desktop applications

The differences between desktop and web applications are almost non-existent in the current context. Our recommendation is to use especially web based applications for content management and infrastructure. A desktop application, unlike web based, will still need access to the web application's database. The desktop application, which can not be used offline, will consume resources (hours-man) that can be used to develop and refine or maintain the web application and related scripts.

However, if a desktop application is desired, our recommendation is that it be developed using ElectronJSThis application will only contain the basic functionality required to manage the content in the database, and the other operations will be executed from the web application platform.

Mobile Application Development (lOS, Android)

Creative Ones has experience in developing mobile apps on Android and iOS. In the cradle of this development, we will try to use as many platform components as possible by using API communication between mobile applications and the core of the web platform. In other words, the application and its functions will be centralized on the server on the optimal structure (server clusters if applicable), and applications will read through the API from one place.

Management level for web based applications and custom-developed websites

Creative Ones has created and maintained personalized websites and web applications that required different levels of access. For increased flexibility in terms of user roles and permissions, we will implement how popular Drupal freamework manages permissions, roles and users as they follow:

• Permissions: Here you will define sets of permissions that correspond to the different actions in the form, ex:

an element

a view_element

a management_element

an add_gateway_payment

a view_gateway_payment

an edit_gateway_payment, etc..

• Roles: Here different roles will be created for the web platform. Roles group permissions as they dump::

Administrator - will receive all the permissions on the platform

Anonymous - will get permissions to view the various content in the platform

Editor - will get editing permissions on the platform

Provider - has received editing permissions for his accommodation unit

• Users: are web platform users who are assigned roles and their rights in the platform are defined by permissions assigned to the assigned role.

This mechanism of permissions, roles and users is very flexible, allowing the administrators of the website or the software application to scrutinize what each user can do in the platform.

Standard modules and their integration into the web application platform or custom (custom)

There are generally two ways to add content to web platforms..

A manual version by which the platform or website administrator will create a listing and the provider will be able to manage listing details

An automatic synchronization option to retrieve listings from third parties

We have the ability to ensure a good functioning of the two parallel listing management methods because we have experience on our side with API integrations that require authentication.

The length of integration with a third party through a specific API depends on the nature and complexity of web integration.

Enable / disable web application modules or custom-developed websites

Our web development team has previous relevant experience with the use of web platforms, which means that based on UX (user experience) analysis, the best solutions in terms of structuring the menus and the elements with which the user interacts in the page . We can ensure that the use of the web platform will be easy, simple and logical, and the platform modules can be easily turned on / off.

Functions managed by web site users

By default, each user of the web platforms developed by our php programmer team will be able to edit their account. The supplier will have this right. For more details on permissions, roles, and users, see the previously mentioned subtitle "Level of administration for web based applications and custom-made sites"

Applications and websites with intuitive and easy-to-use CMS

On the site creative-ones.comwe have a series of projects that feature CMSs such as Wordpress, Drupal, Opencart, Prestashop, OS-Commerce, Joomla, CS-Cart, etc.

We also have custom-developed custom CMS platforms, as per customer specifications or others developed solely on the basis of our experience, inspiring us from dedicated CMS like the ones mentioned above.

Implement payment systems and payment processors for web sites or complex web applications platforms. About Payment Gateways

Our team of web developers from the development department has implemented over time various integrations with payment processors such as (euplatesc, mobilPay, PayU, etc.). Payment gateways are defined by these payment processors through the web-based payment gateway, understanding direct integration with a bank or other web intermediary.

It is necessary to perform transactions through an intermediary (web processor) because we will not be able to manipulate, store and send card data from the web platform developed for our beneficiaries. Regulations do not allow this in the absence of certification (ex: PCI DSS Compliant).

Also, over the years, we have made web-based integration with various platforms (ex openapi), including storing in the web site and using the NBR exchange rate. Its use has facilitated currency conversion across websites and platforms of developed web applications. It is recommended, however, to choose a web-based payment processor that allows you to make currency conversions directly into the payment webpage, relieving this responsibility of your own site or custom-developed web application platform. The settlement will be in the currency established with the payment processor, and the currency conversion will not involve any risks to the Beneficiary's business.

There is the possibility to make direct web integration for payment in bitcoin or other cryptomonas using open-source libraries. If conversion is desired in a fiduciary currency, it will be necessary to integrate with a bitpay or other payment processor that allows for international currency settlement. In such situations, we recommend choosing cautionally the payment options on the web with cryptomones because of the increased risks that their volatility generates.

In order to implement web implementations with payment processors, they should be specified from the start of the web programming service contract, and the deployment time will vary depending on the complexity and number of executions made..

dezvoltare site

Types of web-based applications created by our colleagues specialized in Web Programming:

• Custom customized CRM web applications on demand

• Command-based web applications customized to streamline sales management

• Web applications for managing and sending SMS messages automatically (integrated into other web based applications)

• Creating web-based applications for the management of projects and tasks integrated into the beneficiaries' sites

• Creating various web applications to monitor employee activity

• Web platform development platforms

• Billing programs and billing and / or order management applications

• Web applications for automatic scanning and retrieval of data from the Internet

• Platforms Web applications for automating various online activities

• Creating applications for managing events and reservations and managing them efficiently

• Creating automated web applications to facilitate customer retention

• Web Application Platforms for Pricing and Pricing

• Other personalized (custom), web-based programs based on the requests submitted by the beneficiaries

• Examples of custom software (custom) created by the Creative Ones web development team:

• Multi-store web platforms managed from a single, personalized, zero-based admin

• Creating a Car Rental website with discounts based on number of days and periods

• Online Web Catalog for Private or State Schools, Example: Admin crm school online catalog

• Web site tourism tourism with online booking management

• Other complex web configurators (examples: garage door configurators, route configurators, configurators for transport companies, etc.)

• Customized web based CRMs with Time tracking and employee employee management functions and other reporting functions..

Visual Identity, Branding & Rebranding for Successful Websites

Our experienced designer web team, graduates of the School of Arts has worked over time to Make visual identity manuals for hundreds of clients by realizing a professional graphic design logo for business cards, complete graphic design for other advertising materials, such as: brochures, flyers, roll-ups, banners, etc., internal / external documents customization, presentation CDs multimedia design web site design, branding strategy implementation, Online Marketing & Branding Audit, Concept Rebranding & Visual Identity.

Online promotion for successful websites and online stores

With regard to online promotion, our dedicated team has designed hundreds of campaigns through communication channels with which customers have made their business known and have increased sales rates.

Brief descriptions of web projects made by the Creative Ones team

• Public auction awarded as beneficiary Ministry of Regional Development - development and maintenance of the website

• Visual Identity for Business and Websites such as:

- – Multinational headquartered in several countries such as France, Spain, Poland, etc. In Romania it has 3 offices at the moment, and on the web side (including web programming and web design) we work exclusively with our company for over 4 years

- – visual identity based on the logo, new personalized design web site that has an administrative management structure for more than 30 sites in the atvrom web site

- For, over 4 years of collaboration, design activities such as: Product promotion brochures design, catalog design, advertising billboard design, design of web banners of various types and sizes, business cards design, flyers, flyers and flyers other elements. Also, the site has implemented the CRM web platform, which manages over 30 other linked Web sites in the same admin and same web database, using the PHP Laravel framework. Customers, orders and other key components of the ATVROM business are now managed by the custom-made web-based software application for our client, and from the design point of view, the web site, one of the most carefully crafted sites in Romania, has recorded online sales of over 50% higher with its launch.

The increase in online sales was due both to the presentation of the products on a premium web site, which was impeccably worked, which is loading quickly even though the pictures and the information are fully regasse, and especially the pickup system, order management which in a semi-automated way allows just a few clicks to bid and then generate billing and tracking, which has streamlined the online sale process, reducing it to a minimum..

- – visual identity design, personalized web site design. The site is part of the Kettler Romania network. (artista) - realization of web site with personalized design, visual identity, logo, etc.

A detailed presentation of our company and of the portfolio can be viewed by accessing the link:

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