Incorporate an easy-to-manage scheduling application into your website and manage meeting calendars, schedules and other services. PHP-based is a flexible and highly efficient software solution, suitable for various companies in the service sector.

Meeting appointments:

The application is useful for scheduling services of various types, such as a doctor's office, a hotel or a restaurant.

Programming from any device (responsive):

The software can be used on various devices from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Automatic invoice generation:

Ability to automatically create invoices for each booking using the app, or set billing options and add company data.

Management of received appointments:

Appointments received or sent can be easily managed from the website or from the application on any device.

SMS notifications via Creative SMS, directly from the provider's mobile phone:

Possibility to send SMS with various topics that remain saved and as "drafts" for future submissions.

Database backup :

Possibility to prevent any loss of information by performing a regular backup of the database and files.

Reports :

Possibility to generate reports with the most frequently booked services such as confirmations and reservations canceled during a certain period.

The software application is developed in PHP, through GIT as a versioning system and respects the best practices in the field of custom application development, presented here.

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