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In online, evidence management is very important to increase the trust in your brand. And Robert Cialdini tells her the best. When we have a decision, we tend to imitate others. This way we are more confident that we will not be wrong with our choice. How can we use this principle online?
  1. By including testimonials on the website - testimonials of those who have purchased your products / services. testimonials are evidence of trust
  2. By including comments, reviews on the site. if you have a virtual store, these are trusted proofs that can influence the decision of potential visitors
  3. By product recommendations- what other products people bought from your online store.
  4. By presenting case studies on the website - a great way to sell services.
Optimize your site with all this trustworthy evidence! Request testimonials, feedback. Be active, in fact, in your relationship with your audience. It is also proof that you care about their opinion and, at the same time, it is a method of loyalty. We're here to convert your web site visitors into leads.

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