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Owning a website for your business is an indispensable element for any successful business. Being an intermediary with a strong decision-making factor between your business and your client, the need to contract a website creation service is absolutely necessary. Get excellent service for creating a site or even an online store!

Get professional site creation!

With over 6 years' experience in website creation, site promotion and mobile application creation, Creative Ones offers excellent Web design, Web Programming, and Custom Application Creation. Specialized in creating a presentation site or creating online stores, Creative Ones has an impressive portfolio composed of projects with an extremely high degree of complexity, favoring personalized elements according to the brand identity of each business. So whether you want a creative website designing website or creating an online store site, Creative Ones offers you dedicated personalization and optimization services, complete UI, UX, dedicated SEO.

What are the benefits of personalized website creation?

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the services offered by Creative Ones blend into each of the needs of a brand. Here are the advantages of working with us:

  • Offering 24/24 services / products through an excellently optimized online platform UI, UX - Creating content website for both Romanian and foreign audiences;
  • Reduced website maintenance costs (due to Creative Ones hosting servers and special offers for contracting adjacent services);
  • Possibility of full-service contracting, due to the specialized departments by categories of services such as: web promotion, Laravel & Codeigniter web programming, web design, custom applications creation, graphic design etc.
  • Due to the possibility of providing full services through a single web agency, you will have full control over your business with one contact, thus reducing the time to contact and manage creative, optimization and maintenance work on your website; Additionally, you will have the opportunity to view and verify in real time who, what and how they are implemented on your project, thanks to the Creative CRM application;
  • Easy administration panel: visualizes and implements changes quickly;
  • Responsive design: With over 64% of Romanian mobile internet users, efficient, integrated playback on any type of device becomes a benchmark for search results using the Google search engine. Get full visibility of your website on any type of device!
  • Creating website content Google-Friendly: Get text content like Google's search engine. Position yourself among the first results of your target audience searches thanks to Creation content and SEO Optimization services from Creative Ones;

What does the website creation service mean?

According to Wikipedia, the notion of the website comes from English and represents a collection of multimedia web pages (images, video, text, sound, etc.) with accessibility to any internet user.

Websites can be created by an organization, public institution or even a private person directly managed by a webmaster, but there are other ways in which it can be updated through a database, creating pages dynamically or even through its users.

The beginnings of the Internet were a number of domains in numerical form, using an IP address, then generating the possibility to choose a domain name, making it much easier to remember, accessing facilitating thus related services such as online marketing, branding and SEO. A website is made up of a series of web pages created using the HTML programming language with auxiliary languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike PHP, CSS, etc. 2007 saw an active evolution of internet development, containing millions of Netcraft web sites, following a study since 1995 that up to 2006 there was a significant number of about 101,435,235 websites, a number enormous compared to the one recorded in mid-1995 when there were 18,000 active websites on the Internet.

Opencart site creation

Opencart is an excellent platform for creating an online store with all the options to create a fully-equipped online store to meet high-quality online shopping. Available freely and with the ability to run both PHP and MySQL, the opencart site creation service becomes the ideal choice of any selling product to real consumers in the online environment. With a relatively simple encryption type, the opencart platform offers the ability to quickly develop and optimize its contents.

Choose opencart site creation if you want: -

  • low resource consumption
  • fast running on any device
  • easy to use panel
  • possibility to deploy hundreds of free ancillary modules
  • the ability to manage multiple online stores from the same control panel

Create a Wordpress site

The wordpress platform is the ideal solution for making a presentation site or blog with any theme. With a multitude of free modules that can ease the ability to implement 95% whatever you want, Wordpress is the ideal solution for beginners and beyond.

Choose Wordpress if you want to implement a company presentation site and benefit from the following benefits:

  • Easy to use platform, enabling editing and optimization of modules by the administrator, sometimes (as the case may be) without the need for programming knowledge
  • to implement generic user-friendly templates or themes
  • SEO-efficient, Wordpress facilitating the implementation of its modules in a friendly way for all search engines, especially Google.

The beginnings of the Wordpress platform made it easy to create blogs, and then expand on the creation of presentation websites, a real advantage being the many free plug-ins and only things that could change the functionality of Wordpress installed. Founded in 2003 as a precursor of B2 / CAFELOG, Wordpress has expanded its activity today with an impressive number of leading-edge websites and blogs with hundreds of unique daily visitors.

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