The TerraCenter web based application developed by the Creative Ones team brings digitization in the geotechnical field.


TerraCenter is an engineering-based web-based platform dedicated to specialists and investors. With its help, everything related to geotechnical projects can be organized. From planning and data collection to reporting and managing them - the platform facilitates the collaboration of companies and the delivery of projects faster and more efficiently.

The first stage in the development of the application regarding the registration of drilling data has been successfully completed!

"We are moving from phone planning and record recording to planning and recording in a digital environment through which all parties have access to data." says Adrian Priceputu, Partner of Terra Gage

The application, available bilingually, is built considering 2 main categories of users:

    1. registered users

    2. unregistered users (visitors)


Registered users are:

  •          Beneficiary users - those who create a work and order its realization
  •          Users with a coordinating role in carrying out a work
  •          User with execution role who performs field investigation works


The application contains a series of functionalities specific to the field of construction, respectively the control of a project and its execution, the planning and visualization in the field of a project.


Developing an application has become an increasingly important requirement in recent years for companies to be in direct contact with the target market. Also, many businesses have started to emerge since the development of an application.


In general, developing an application offers advantages such as:


  •           It differentiates you from the competition, giving you a competitive advantage
  •           You have the opportunity to interact much better, more directly with customers and the target market
  •           It thus builds customer loyalty
  •           Increases visibility and attachment to the brand
  •           The brand's reputation grows


The Creative Ones team differentiates itself by creating customized iOS and Android mobile applications for any type of business, but also by creating web based applications. We offer businesses the possibility that through the complex functionalities of an application, but friendly built, to provide its users with a useful, relevant and pleasant experience.


As we are used to and it proves to be a best practice in the case of collaborating with the Creative Ones team to develop a successful project, the first step in the direction of application development is application design.


It is the stage in which the ideas, the functionalities of the future application are put on paper.

It is the stage in which the initial idea from which it starts can go through changes, because the aspects of user experience or monetization of the application become paramount.


In the design phase, the logical diagrams of the application are made, everything correlated with the design part.


The applications have generally unique specifications and it is imperative that the creation of a mobile application or a web based application start with the design stage.

The entire volume of work accumulated in this stage then goes to the fellow programmers who have thus described all the requirements previously agreed by the client.


A platform like TerraCenter needs hosting services on a server with high storage capacity and fast response, which provides an optimal loading time.


Creative Ones has the hardware infrastructure and offers high-performance web hosting services on servers with SSD and VPS storage as well as on dedicated servers from 8 GB RAM, to 128, 256 and even> 1TB RAM. We also have server clusters needed to host sites that record high traffic.


You can test the TerraCenter application by accessing the visitor section in the Terra Gage company account on

User: guest.Terra_Gage_SRL

Word: guestTRG



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