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The inspiration comes from small things, which is why we chose Gradiste Gorge for a long, challenging weekend.

For a getaway holiday I chose Villa Pinul, located in the resort of Cheile Gradistei, where a number of 9 spacious rooms with various facilities have delighted us because of the representative rustic style. Here's how the adventure went!

  cheile gradistei

Day #1

team building creative ones creative ones team building  
We fired in the air and ventured long and wide to get to know our location better and enjoy all of the resort's facilities. The impressive view was displayed as an open book to learn new experiences, and the variety of activities that we had the opportunity to do made available new ways of surrounding nature around. In the shortest time we realized that we definitely have at least one thing in common with the chosen location: we want to offer the most impressive visitor experience. After we met some of the wonderful places, we rested on a glass of warm wine. Towards the evening we tested our dynamic skills in a billiard game and competed in a foosball match.petrecere creative ones  We've prepared our Day 2 activities, here's what!

Day #2

Because our team is not alien to the concept of friendship, we quickly agreed on the activities we want to do.
I've been hiking

team building creative ones team building ziua 2

We were glad in the middle of nature

creative ones

Si am explorat fiecare element ce ne-a atras atentia

plimbare in aer liber creative ones

Catre seara am degustat vinul casei in jurul unui foc de tabara

foc de tabara creative ones foc de tabara team building creative ones  The following party was a plus of relaxation, conversation and good layout with our colleagues. We danced and we had fun for building agentie web creative ones creare magazin online team building creative ones magazin online creative ones team building petrecere creative ones team building

Day #3

Day 3 found us with charged batteries and ready to participate in new projects for our services. We form the team dedicated to our partners, so time spent together gives us the opportunity to get to know more closely and to lay the foundations for a structure for future partnerships. We engage with web based applications, Android and iOS applications, presentation sites or custom-designed online stores. We develop online businesses by offering online promotion services. Learn more about us, visit our portfolio or contact us right now!

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