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What is your source of healthy water?

Increasing quality of life is important for all of us.

          We are told it's healthy to consume at least 2 liters of water a day. The human body is almost 60% of the water.
          But what is the healthiest water? Direct from tap, PET, filtered ...? 

          Aquatech International is a company specializing in the import, distribution and installation of professional equipment for water purification, softening, filtration, sterilization, reverse osmosis.
          The company offers complete and efficient solutions both for residential use and for industrial, commercial and office units.
          It's exactly what we need to have the guarantee that we drink and use quality water wherever we are.

          Aquatech International is in the Creative Ones portfolio.
   Our colleagues created Aquatech International site a personalized design site that combines commercial and educational content.

           Because the products and services of companies look at both residential and industrial areas, the site leads to dedicated information for both areas.

          The site's homepage promotes special offers through banners running.

          The company products are presented in detail, including additional informative materials in pdf format (catalogs, technical data sheets,

          Product orders can also be made online by launching the order 

           As I was saying, the site also has an educational component.

          The useful articles section is more than necessary to teach us, for example, what universal reverse osmosis is and how to filter water that is the benefits of filtering systems.

          The articles are written by professionals in the field and the educational information is very good with the commercial one - the offer of products and services of the company

           For Aquatech International it is important to be close to its customers and answer all requests. That is why the site also contains a chat support module - where it can communicate in real time with the company's representatives.

  is a site that provides complete information, is a safe and professional source when you decide it's time to take advantage of the healthiest and pure water in your home or at work.

           Testimonial Acuatech:

          "We've been working with Creative-Ones for more than 4 years, and tradition tells us it's good to continue with them!"

Emanuel P.

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