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Description: Creative Ones is a programming company, web design and online marketing. The team of seniors gathered under the slogan

"We Create Online Beauty" is remarkable through its vast managed portfolios, through online consulting offered to customers in different business areas and by developing advanced business management systems and tools (CRMs). More than 200 clients - from public institutions to top companies - have called Creative Ones. Starting from the concept that for any business today a web platform and its integration in an optimized way in the online environment is no longer an option but a necessity, Creative Ones develops tailored solutions to the needs of its clients, related to the industry from which they are also part of their business needs. Online marketing consulting is a powerful element of Creative Ones and the starting point for developing online strategy for any client company. Nowadays, the internet can generate more customers than any other marketing channel and this opportunity can be successfully exploited through a well-grounded strategy having pillars:• Web design, visual identity creation or rebranding for successful business. • Web Programming (custom applications, CRM or other custom software) through senior web developers (php) • Applications (mobile, IOS and Android, 2D / 3D games) • Web promotion Social Media, landing pages, newsletters, content generation) • Web hosting and web maintenance for existing or newly created sites. Visit the Web Maintenance Packages page here. Thus, Creative Ones through web specialists in PHP and art school graduates delivers on-line projects - from web design (online stores, presentation sites) and original, creative content to services hosting and WEB maintenance, integrated promotion campaigns and business management tools. When it comes to the creativity of the Creative Ones team, we assign to our projects the best sophisticated web programmers (php) specializing in Laravel and Codeigniter framework, with a solid background and always benefiting from access to state-of-the-art technology. We deliver high-end web performance, combining design, user experience and innovative solutions to deliver powerful online exposure for any brand. For more information visit You can contact us at office [at], by calling 0740 065 563 or by completing one of the contact forms on the site

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