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Why is Magic?

Because it solves important issues that the eCommerce platform, OpenCart has especially in the SEO Optimization area.

Here's how to improve the Magic Creative Ones online store module, the OpenCart platform.

The module developed by our team of senior web programmers is available for two versions of OpenCart ( and, but it can be easily adapted by us.

Installing the Magic Module on your online store

To install the opencart online store module, you only need to upload the admin archive to the extensions installation menu. Then the magic of the online store begins to make its presence felt.

see image installation Magic Creative Ones for Opencart.

Modul magazine online Opencart

After installing the extension, follow the refresh button on the right side of the "Modifications / Modifications" menu.

Modul magazine online Opencart

If the process of installing the OpenCart module has gone correctly, then we should see the Magic Creative Ones module in the "Modifications" menu.

Modul magazine online Opencart

Correct verification of installing the OpenCart Magic Creative Ones module.

The following checks are important to ensure that the Magic Creative Ones for OpenCart has been successfully installed.

In the admin, on the product editing page, we have the "URL" tab and the "Date" tab and also the following option: "Auto url",

When the "seo url" field is checked, it must no longer be manually edited and automatically populated based on the product name.

Importantly, in the URL pane, in the product editing area of ​​the online store's admin, you will be able to see the product's url history. When the product link is manually or dynamically changed, the current version will automatically be saved in a history and will be redirected 301 to the new url. A particularly important issue on the SEO Promotion side of the online store that standard opensource platforms do not really benefit.

The Opencart Platform did not have such an important option to make 301 redirects to all the links that have been modified or renamed, and the lack of this functionality can seriously affect the organic placement of online stores.

These checks will also be made for the following web pages: categories, manufacturers, information. These pages must also contain the same data about generating and keeping urls.

 product category verification

Modul magazine online Opencart

If for some reason the information (Auto url and URL) does not appear, it means something has not worked properly and you will need to contact our web support team.

The above results in an essential improvement made by the Magic Creative Ones module, namely: redirecting 301 from old links to new ones.

Magic Creative Ones filtering mode for online stores developed on OpenCart

Below we will present the Magic Creative Ones filtering module. This module differs from the rest of the existing filtering modules on the market by taking into account many factors for SEO..

  • Seo links for each attribute;
    • Removing from the main URL the words that can be retrieved as keywords such as "filter", "f", "c", "p", "processing", "#atribute"
    • Through this parameter, the OpenCart knows when to reach the filters (delimitation between site route and filters).
    • But this seriously affects SEO optimization. We do not want the site to be indexed on words like "filter", "processing", etc. especially because he does not sell filters :)


Currently the Magic Creative Ones link looks like the following.

Modul magazine online Opencart

The [desktop] parameter is the category, and the rest of the parameters are attributes used for filtering.

By default, the OpenCart generates a "category / subcategory / subcategory /" link link.

Changes made by the Magic Creative Ones module forces the OpenCart to no longer work on the "category / subcategory / etc" principle, but to display the last category (final-child category) directly. If we are forced to have a "category / subcategory", Magic is redirecting to the final category.

Simply put, at one point, when we have 2 categories, it will be redirected to the last category. Everything for a considerably improved SEO.

You probably think that under this form will generate thousands of links, and if they will be indexed will appear the problem with "duplicate content". This problem is already solved by Magic Creative Ones by setting the canonical url to the categories page.


Canonical URL for online stores through Magic Creative Ones

We used 2 types of canonical url, one to the category page, and when it is filtered by a producer we also have a second canonical to the producer page.

If more than one manufacturer is chosen, canonical becomes the category page. So, no omission.

Also, the rel / next system has been implemented according to the canonical url, and SEO specialists perfectly understand these magicians.

 With the Opencart Magic Creative Ones module, the link display order is as follows::

  • producers in alphabetical order,
  • attributes in alphabetical order,
  • options in alphabetical order,
  • price and price.

For absolute control of filters, admin can determine what attributes, options, or manufacturers to appear..

 see how to manage Magic Creative Ones for online storesModul magazine online Opencart


Pagecache for online stores through Magic Creative Ones.

Magic also successfully implements a full page cache (page cache) system for increased online store speed.

Each page is statically saved and on the 2nd page access, the web page will be statically served, will not be processed by the processor to force its use for hundreds or thousands / tens of thousands of simultaneous loads.

So, it means that the page is displayed without processing (database queries, loops, etc.), is displayed as a simple html, resulting in a low time for displaying the content to the client. On the SEO side this is also essential.

Of course, through this system, shopping cart pages, my account are not cached. They are dynamic and are being processed. The basket content (the standard basket on the right) is permanently displayed by an ajax call, not the cache. Errors in these areas could mean displaying pimples or data from one customer to another.

Modul magazine online Opencart

Google greatly appreciates quality content. He always wants to give the user the best results. To that end, we also implemented a blog system.

What is a good blog on a site that wants to be online? If you are emag, amazon or ebuy, you definitely do not need a blog. But if we look closely even they use blogs where they present information, news, event (, etc).

For example, if your website deals with the sale of watches, it is very important to inform your customers what kind of watches to wear, which are the best brands, how should a watch be used, what kind of clothing match, what kind of watches to wear depending on the event, etc.

If you sell shoes, so should you tell the customer what current trends, colors, etc.

Such articles that are published on your site and will be highly appreciated by Google.

The blog system from Magic creative-ones.

Modul magazine online Opencart

In the future, we will add the following features to the Magic Creative-Ones module:

  • import system multivendor products
  • export product system

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