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Do you remember the dial-up period? That sounds loud and prolong while you pray "Yes, God, let the internet go!" If you are the 30+ generation you know what I'm talking about. The Internet has not always been the one we know today and has not always been successful. Having a company site through the 90's to 2000 was really something wow. For many companies it was an expense that did not see its purpose. The Internet has gone through many things since then and said in his beard: "Let me show you, you will become addicted to me." What has happened. Now you check in the mountain peak and the grandmother makes her selfie. Today any business you start, whether or not you have customers, whether you have the product or not, start with the web page. It is the one who certifies your presence in your business area, your business card. And not only is it imperative to have a web page for your business but it is imperative for the health of the business that the site will generate at least leads, if not customers. The first step when you decide to make a web page or when you want to revive the old one is to do this with professionals, those who can advise you to have a congruence between the subject of your business activity, the message you want submit it, web design and all the online tools that are a real support for your business. So we start a blog post with several episodes and we will stop when we are convinced that we have exhausted all the means by which, making your website a partner of your business, you convert your visitors at least in the lead!

Professional design

In the web domain, professional design means a creative design that strongly impresses the visitor, gives it a memorable browsing experience and acts synergistically with the entire communication and the central message sent. And as we are still in the design area, we need to talk about the "mobile responsive" imperative now. Nothing saddens me more about experimenting with the Internet than when I access a web page on my mobile and finds out that it is not mobile, and Basque also belongs to a well-known brand. I often quit searching because I do not have the time to still zoom to read the information. What I do not know these companies whose sites are not mobile friendly is that Mister Google will not index them anymore. A site in our days where the Internet is accessed from such different devices must have texts and images that adapt immediately. That is, it resizes,  according to the device on which it is viewed.

Communication through the site. Benefits.

I still see sites whose communication is centered on product features. There are so many sites selling the same products and services and having the same features ... What can cause me to choose a product on a site to the detriment of the same product but on another site? Benefits. My earning. Talk about it instead of typing technical terms that I do not understand. Transfer me into benefits, direct gains. It's like getting on a luxury aircraft where all the stewardesses are from Victoria's Secret gauntlet, I surprise you with Michelin-starred Chef, I promise you will reach your desired destination under the best conditions and show you the benefits of to be in such an aircraft and with such highly specialized staff. Everything for you to enjoy the best experience, to recommend and come back with confidence. That's how it should work with your website too. What are you ticking out of this allegory?    
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