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In recent years, marketing strategies have changed a lot, in the direction of shifting the emphasis on the Product to the Consumer. The consumer has become the focus of all marketing actions and strategies and consumer experience is the concept that best defines this orientation. Consumer experience is the route of customer interactions with the brand, a route at the end of which the client is imprinted on the emotionally, rationally and psychologically perceived brand. Here is the battle of brands - to conquer through a positive experience the mind and heart of as many customers as possible. Companies that have not yet understood this have definitely lost in the medium and long term. Digital is in power and will be a long way from now on. "The interest and resources of marketing departments are gradually focusing on improving consumer digital experience, finding the most cost-effective strategy for a company that wants to increase revenue and profit," said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. Why do we need to build a digital presence that is relevant to consumers? We need segmentation, content / communication, context, appropriate tools, monitoring, and a dedicated digital team. We need alignment of offline goals with online and synergic actions. All this must be aligned towards building consumer experience. I've prepared a series of questions to help you do your list: Audience

  • Have you segmented your audience and defined your target groups and their characteristics?
  • Do you communicate differently for different target groups?
  • Where does your audience come from?
  • How do you loyalty to your customers?
  • Where do visitors from your site come from?
  • What sites are generating traffic?
  • What are the most visited pages in the site?
  • What is the rate of leaving the pages?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Are you retargeting?
  • Are you on the first page of Google?
  • Do you have an email base?
  • Do you grow constantly? From what sources?
  • Send newsletters? What frequency? Who?
  • What is the newsletters opening rate?
  • What is the unsubscribe rate?
  • How relevant is the content you send?
  • How active, 'engaged' in conversation are your fans?
  • Do you immediately respond to comments, involve the audience?
  • What is the monthly reach?
  • What is organic growth and what is the growth paid?
  • Who are watching your videos and sharing them?
  • Who are the commentators?
  • How do you value your product / service through video?
  • Do you create viral videos?
Mobile applications
  • How much do you download your mobile app?
  • What is the utility of your app and why would it keep it in the limited storage space of your smartphone?
  • How much does the app uninstall?
Do not forget! Improving consumer experience is the solution for him to stay with you and, moreover, to be your ambassador.

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