Well, I found you on a new podcast, "Successful People, Successful Business," with my colleague Edi. Today we will find out the secret of a successful business from Mihai.

Mihai, you have been working as an entrepreneur for over 10 years. Did you get rich?

- I'm one of the richest people in the world, believe me! And I'm lucky because wealth is not measured in money or material matters, otherwise I was poor to the ground, to answer you like that.

Wealth is measured in value relationships. I have valuable relationships with my friends, my family, my clients, my partners, my colleagues, which makes me say and say strongly that, yes, I am rich!

- But do you have money?

- I have more and more money every day!

- The truth is, if you allow me Ema, to intervene a little, it is said that the soul of the trade is the recommendation and without reliable friends, without good partners, good customers, customers who appreciate you and with whom you enter into a very good and close relationship, you can't really get a recommendation. That man wants to be good to you too, because being good to you, he is starting to be good to you too.

If we think like that, at the 10 years of experience, of business, at what level, Mihai, these friends rise, I mean strictly those from the business area.

Speaking of what you were saying, I can also add that, indeed, the secret of a business is to get through those difficult periods, from the first one, two, three years, it depends, when there are no customers, when there is no liquidity. after that, indeed, customers seem to start coming naturally, from recommendations, of course with them and the financial part that makes you reach a comfort, at the end of the month when you have to pay taxes and other expenses .

It is a measure of success, after all, and of the quality of the money you earn.

  • - It is! After all, it is something that can be quantified!
  • - I would like to go back a little and ask you where your business started.
  • - My business started with passion. I believe that any business must start from passion, that is, from what you want, from what you know how to do and you are good at what you do, so it started for me. It started with the promotion part, initially we promote clients on the internet, so, practically, this is what we do and now, we make the clients known, and we mediate the relationship between them and their clients, by promoting their business. Then, little by little, we started to develop sites for them, because ok, you promote as much as you promote, but what do you promote ?! A better and better site! Then, let's move on to the application development part, and for 5-6 years now, this is our focus, and our mindcore, the command application development, web based, Android, Ios, with more and more specifications. the clearest, from our clients, because we are very involved in the design and consulting part for them.
  • - Ema, if you remember when we were interested in Mihai's company, how it evolved, and we are talking here about Creative Ones, Mihai, please confirm if it is true that you are one of the youngest directors in the banking industry, we will not say now and from which bank, this is not important, but as far as we know, you were appointed director of a banking unit at the age of 24.
  • - Yes!
  • - Which, to work with millions of euros of customers, and deposits and loans and complex financial instruments and to receive this responsibility at the age of 24, is something really valuable!
  • - At that time, really, it was something wow, something really valuable, the responsibilities were very big at that time, now…
  • - And the banking system was darker then
  • - Exactly

It was not as open, especially to young people, as it is today!

  • - Yes, now indeed, the branch managers or coordinators, or what titles they have, have more responsibilities towards the sales side, while then, there were others, complex, of approval, credits, of, indeed, as you said, deposits and so on, so about…
  • - Deposits, complex financial instruments, you had subordinate lawyers sometimes, you had accountants, you had ..., it was very complex. Where I wanted to go further, the fact that, as far as I know, at that time, you intervened with an extraordinary innovation in the field of banking finance, you created an application then, well, using programs that were used 15-20 years ago, a application by which the determination of the interest on a loan for the client is no longer calculated in 20, 30 minutes as the bank advisors did then, it is calculated in 30 seconds.
  • - Yes, it was really an innovation for that moment, previously, basically that recommended me to be advanced, and so on, or, well, it was one of the issues that recommended me to be advanced. When I entered the bank, in that position of Currency Specialist, then Lei Specialist, as they were called at that time, and after that, Credit Administrator, the calculations were done with the pocket computer. How much credit do you have, how much salary do you have, multiplied by 30%, as it was then, and not 30 minutes, but it was a considerable few minutes, a matter which, indeed, I solved with a "program" in Excel , very simple, you only enter the man's salary and he calculates everything, at once, how much you can make a credit for one year, how much you can make a credit for 2 years, how much you can make a credit for 3, 4, 5 on 10 and show them to you. Then, just by entering the salary, it also shows you the rates for each option. The question is whether to calculate by hand, how we calculate then, yes, indeed, if it were to calculate all these variants, from 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, maybe you could reach 30 minutes, but only a calculation It really took you a minute or two, and if he made you repeat it, the customer would ask you, "But how much for 3 years?" But for 4 years, but how much do I miss? '', You were already sitting alone with that computer in your hand. And with that Excel I solved this issue, which after that, that program began to become indispensable to colleagues, began to be taken over by other branches, and in the call center. At one point, when various changes appeared, "But when do you adapt the application?" When ... ''
  • - Interesting! What we get from what we have studied about you and your company, and your passion for this field of computer science, which ultimately represents digitization itself, is a method of optimization as time, and costs and in all respects, everything what man does in the business environment. Basically, we have been talking about you as an optimization specialist, and especially in digital optimization, for over 20 years. So, you have a long history here.
  • - Yes, I don't know exactly if it's 20 years old, but it's many years anyway, really!
  • - A successful corporatist, a successful entrepreneur
  • - Yes, I like the "successful entrepreneur" part more, so to speak, but the corporate part can define me anyway!
  • Always, the past is where we left off, and we must not forget it, there you made certain decisions, and decisions that brought you where you are now!
  • - That's right, okay!

Tell us a little about your business!

  • - About my business, what I am most passionate about, and the part of innovation that I have brought to our business, which has exploded in the last few years, is really the consulting part. The consulting part that is meant to be the initial stage of developing a software development project. We are talking about design, mobile applications, web based application design, at the moment we do not develop applications in any form and we do not advance the price unless we have the design part done, completed, and well done! Thus, the historian has shown us, yes, history has made us get here, that it is possible to reach serious failures, if you do not have very clear, from the beginning, the project very well done!
  • - And the project is paid for, I understand, by you?
  • - The project pays off, of course, it's like, let's make an analogy, it's like a house project. You want to build a house with 2 bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. OK. "What are you doing?" Brick, BCA? What roof are we making? What foundation do we make? Do you want a cellar? What finishes? ”And so on. In an application, things are even more complex than that. The details can be ten times more and busier than the project…
  • - In order to understand what this design part means, basically you offer your client know-how from the design stage, you already teach him how to think and how to be efficient, and how to have something well thought out, well designed, well implemented, in its application, or in what it seeks to obtain there as benefits
  • - Yes, I show you on the screen, here, this is what the application project file looks like, practically, each screen is in this folder, each screen has a page plus the corresponding description, and here each button is described. When you click here, what it does, where it leads, what is calculated in the back, what it opens, what is the role structure, of ... everything, everything, everything ... is described from the design side. The programmer, when it comes to the implementation part, from the programming point of view, he doesn't have to think anymore, he has to do as he writes in the project. He writes in the project that if he presses this button, this pop-up opens and displays this text, he does so without thinking, and so the execution times are minimal, the costs are minimal and the customer satisfaction is at the maximum level. Without this stage, I had, by the way, shortcomings in the businesses I have carried out over time. We have had unfortunate situations in which, during the developments, the requirements have changed, or have been misunderstood by our colleagues, or various other issues that have indeed proved to be more opportune to be developed, but which have influenced the execution time, have influenced the costs, have led in some situations even to unwanted conflicts, but the innovation, so to speak, on this method of development that we have at the moment for applications, has made that things have been working very well lately for us, first and foremost, but especially for our clients with whom we are working at an ever better and more satisfying level.
  • - You feel that your expertise has evolved, a lot, we are talking about 10 years of entrepreneurship, if you were to put from one step to one hundred, where you were 10 years ago, on what step, you already knew some things when you started , and where you are now. Yes, we are more curious to know how much you feel that you have evolved.
  • - Of course, it's my passion, I live in this business, it's like, I don't know, more than half of the time I have, I spend here, of course this automatically leads to an evolution regardless of the stage Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either and with colleagues.
  • - On a scale from 1 to 10, from 1 to 100?
  • -From 1 to 100, 10 in the first year, 100 now.
  • - WOW, are you serious?

  • - In the idea that, in the following years, I consider that it could be 110, 120.
  • - You said "live in this business", very beautiful expression!
  • - Yes, because in my turn, I would like to work with suppliers who live in this business and have at least the same passion that I have for the services they offer to their customers and partners, so to speak!
  • - What are the values ​​of your business?
  • - Our business has many values! But I will only talk about one that I consider to be the most important. It's about trust, honesty, trust with honesty, so to speak, and loyalty. I would cumulate these 3 words, these 3 characteristics, in one, but somehow expressing all three. So trust!
  • - Trust!
  • - That's the value. I want to trust my clients, and they feel and appreciate that, and I like working with clients who trust me, who feel like their friend, and I also enjoy working with clients that I have. I trust, in my turn. So trust is value.
  • - It's a legend that says, and now please be a little mil booster, a legend that says that the closer you get to the customer, the more he will speculate. How is it in your field? Because you tell us a lot about friendship, trust and closeness to the customer. Once you've befriended the client, isn't this relationship starting to speculate?
  • - That's right, that's right and I've had situations where this has been proven to me, really, but I still appreciate the trust, I appreciate the relationship and I would emphasize this, taking the risk, as indeed, to a at that moment, they should "ride" me, to consider that, I don't know, to have unjustified pretensions, and so on.
  • "So you're not riding a horse?"
  • - I don't let myself be "ridden", but sometimes, whether you like it or not, you're still "ridden".
  • - I understand! Well, Mihai, we'll be back, because we set out to take away from you all the secrets of success, not the other way around, but we want to learn this from you, and I come back to a question that you passed very subtly and elegant, and you even made us forget that we wanted to get this answer. We come back, to be successful, about how many client friends you need or client friends, tell me a number, about how much you are now, 10, 20, 50, 3, 1,2?
  • - Yes, well, and success, we have to find a definition of success that, no, it can be a relative thing, indeed, of course, a business the more it develops, you can not by yourself pay the necessary attention to each client in part, you, but you can do this through colleagues, through Client Managers, and I make my mark here too, I want to have more and more trained colleagues in this area, who have the same values ​​ as me , and to somehow convey to customers, as I said, trust, and this is where I would see the key to success.
  • - Emma, ​​do you agree with me that Mihai would be a very good politician? It's the second time we ask him a question and he doesn't

Avoid it very nicely…

Avoid the answer, but very elegant

Which? As a number? Concrete number?

Say, 50, 80, 90, give us a little recipe for success. It's like cake. How much chicken flour?

  • - Yes, I don't know, 3.14
  • - 3.14, right? Yes, very loud! Does this number of close customers exceed 100?
  • - Oh, no, no, no. Clients I can keep in touch with are somewhere around ten or five. Yes, I'm in direct contact. Otherwise, there are of course several other customers with whom ..
  • - And I'm keeping in touch with your colleagues.
  • - Yes, and I benefit from the support of my colleagues, who, of course, keep in touch with the client and who are doing very well! I'm pretty happy!
  • - Yes, it is an important thing that we learn from you, and it gives us confidence that almost anyone who really wants to create added value in the Romanian society, can do it. Speaking of 10-15 clients, is that something that I think encourages us to start a business too, Ema? 10-15 customers. In how many years do you think we managed to have 10-15 good and close clients?
  • - In less than a year, Edi!

"Maybe five!" All right, yes, Mihai, what can I say, you made our pre-entrepreneurship mission a little easier. Seriously, 10-15 clients sounds great. We are developing this Podcast business and that was exactly one of our goals, to reach 20 clients in 6 months. But how many of those 20 will be our true friends remains to be seen.

  • - Edi, again a relative thing, that you can make a successful business, or I don't know, a business that will propel you to another area that will make you grow more and more with 2, 3, 4 clients . I mean, I personally would like the number to be as small as possible, if you can make a….
  • - And with the highest possible turnover
  • - Yes, if you can make a… Yes, if you can work with 2, 3 clients that will generate a turnover of 15 or 30, it's even better.
  • - But you who have worked in the banking field, you know that for 2, 3, 4 clients, this is called "Risk Exposure". I mean, if 1 out of 2 leaves, you've already lost maybe 50, 60, 70% of the business, as an idea. But, I understand very well what you said.
  • - Returning to the challenges, now, the challenge I have and what I really want, to find solutions in this area, is to find colleagues who can do what I do. To show them how I do it, to be successful Customer Managers for the clients of our business, so that we can expand, somehow in a healthy way. As I said, with quality staff, who will be able to learn how to manage the relationship with the client, because, as I feel, at the moment, the key is to manage a quality relationship with the client.

This is how you gain their trust, they come with you, they stay with you, they are explained what they need and they understand, possibly when the development times are increased, and so on. This is the stage in which I am now, as I said, to find colleagues to develop this business with us, from the perspective of the Project Manager, the Client Manager.

Other challenges I've had so far, please, were initially, in the early years, the survival stage. Then I was glad that I was surviving this month, that everything was paid for, taxes were paid, salaries were paid, and so on, and something else was enough for me. If not, I'll see what I do next month.

I never borrowed, to say that was the plus of that period. In the next stage I will say that I learned to pay myself for the first time. Indeed, as the great books say, and, well, this thing came about in the light of the fact that it started to become a more relaxing period, the company had started to go, its revenues ..., that is, to have where to go. you pay yourself first, otherwise I'm talking about a previous period, not now, yes? You want to pay yourself first, but you have to have what, because if the payday comes and you have nothing to pay salaries, taxes and other expenses, you are still in the last place.

Over time, I have developed some applications that I have used successfully within the company. Our most famous application is the Employee Activity Management. We have been developing it since 2014 and, for us, at the moment, it is very simple to see in real time what each colleague is working on, when he came to work, what he started working on, what project, what task, which at that time led to the growth of our business. As I said, we have been using this application since 2014. For us, when the pandemic came, it did not mean much change. I worked the same way I worked until then, I worked the same way after that.

It was normal

Now, yes, it was normal for us. Many colleagues worked from home before the pandemic in our country. Now, most of them work from home. Only about 2.3 colleagues come to the office, an issue that has begun to be appreciated, an application that has also begun to be appreciated by our clients, who have also begun to use it for their own employees, in order to and manage the own activity of their employees.

Basically, a working day of mine starts by opening my CRM, entering the Dashboard and selecting yesterday, and so I see what each colleague worked on yesterday. And I start and I look, I click, look Bogdan worked on this project, this and this one. What task did he work on? And it expands on me and I see every task he had for that project, the related times, and that's how I realize what happened yesterday, without having to call everyone. "But what are you doing now, what are you working on, but when you came, but how long have you been on this? Okay, what did you do the other day? What did you do an hour ago? ” No, I'm just opening my app. I see in real time what everyone is working on, I can also see the history, what my colleagues have been working on.

  • - Can this application be tricked? That is, a colleague opens a software in which he works, leaves it open, the application counts the working time, but in fact, he does not work, he went to make eggs, eggs and french fries.
  • - It would be the same if he were at the office. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either Or ok, he has blocked Youtube, he's on something else. Trust is also the basis of how people work. Same here. Yes, he can go and lay eggs and say in the application that he makes planes, and report planes. The next day, at the daily meeting, at the weekly meeting, I look at those planes, and I see that there are no planes, that there are helicopters, or that there are mesh eggs, and then, over time, people like that. leaked. I know, it's happening everywhere, but to be honest, especially in recent years, I haven't noticed much like this.
  • - Well, Mihai, from what you tell us, the application is created by you. That, from what you tell us, is Wow, from what you do. I mean, you can practically do a brilliant project management, with small resources, with phenomenal efficiency, and with an extraordinary quality of work as well.
  • - Yes it is. Plus, everything is quantified, everything is. This application is also a timekeeping application. It calculates how much it would cost, what working time it should have been in a certain period of the month, how much it worked last month, what projects, of course, plus you can easily report to clients. I can give real-time access to clients to come in and see what works for their projects.

And at what stage is the project and so on.

And at what stage, that is, how I see myself as a manager. As I showed you earlier, to see in real time what everyone is working on, so can the client see, in real time on his own projects, who is working, what is working, and so on. This way we can have clients from anywhere in the world. They see a real-time report, but also at a very clear historical level.

  • - If I have a Call Center company and I would like to use this application, can I help?
  • - Yes, of course, it helps.
  • - Do you share it with your customers, do they use it?

We have clients who use it, use it successfully, and I enjoy it, it's ... Speaking of passions, speaking of professional satisfaction, I can say that this application generates so much professional satisfaction with the power to continue, to go further far from knowing that it is possible, and I like that I live such feelings.

  • - Then, I suggest in a future interview of ours to make a kind of tutorial about the benefits and how this application can be used!
  • - Dearly! We have already made a tutorial on this application, with about 200 or so pages. Just last week I published it, after checking it, analyzing it, I also put videos there, and it can be accessed by any client. We really want to promote the application because it is something of the moment and it is something of the future.
  • - Yes, yes, know that at the moment these CRM systems are in high demand, both by large corporations and by smaller companies. These are very, very effective control systems in the first place.
  • - Yes it is. There are many on the market, that's right. Many companies need their own custom CRM. We do that too. We develop custom CRM applications. This is ours, as I said, I have invested a lot of time in it, and I would like it to be used more and more by companies. We also have Creative Meetings integrated in it. Creative Meetings is our video conferencing application. Basically, we have exactly what Zoom has. Zooming is a 30 billion euro business. We have exactly what Zoom has, but on the Romanian market and we have it integrated in Creative CRM. We have here the menu, if you will, Creative Meetings, and we have colleagues, but at the moment only Gabi is present with the application running. I clicked and the page opens and we can see Gabi. He needs to accept us and talk to him in CRM, just like we talk about Zoom, like we talk about Hangouts, and other video conferencing applications. We also have something integrated, developed in the House by us. Something that is offered for free through this CRM application.
  • - Do you have any idea how many companies need such a thing?
  • - All, is it ?!
  • "Very, very much!"
  • - What I need, I need to promote these applications. I would really like more and more companies to hear about it, to use it. We are willing to offer consulting, to be close, to provide support for its use because, indeed, any company in the world would need this application. Most companies, so to speak. Ok, if you're a donut maker, Xerox, you don't need it, but as it is now also separate from this application we have developed Creative Meetings that can be used for free.

The idea came to me last year. I even had a presentation that I promoted on Facebook, at the time, when I wanted to offer free consulting to teachers to use these video conferencing systems for high school students and so on.

  • - Wow!
  • - And I have the filming. I would really like to put it in the presentation to see it, when I was talking then and what do we do if it takes more than 2 weeks? That's what I was saying then. As if it lasts 2 weeks, what do we do? The children stay at home, without school activities, and somehow…
  • - So when the pandemic started, you somehow anticipated and responded to a need you didn't know about yet.
  • - Then I started thinking about this idea, saying exactly: "If it lasts more than 2 weeks?", Without thinking about that moment. Ok, I anticipated what I anticipated, but I didn't think it would take 3 months, 4 months, a year, here it is! It was needed at that time. And I developed this application that I gave free to use. Dozens more have appeared in the meantime. That's right, in another 3, 4 months, but from here, if we still developed it, we started to offer it, really, to schools and to whoever wanted it, we told them, and to integrate it, here in Creative CRM, somehow let's try to monetize it. We have also developed other applications that use the video part. I made a software with some clients from Germany, for online meditation, and there things are very strict.
  • That is, if a teacher has entered you, and with a student, it must be very clear that the teacher has entered with that student. They have various issues that are also with us, with the protection of the minor, but things are very strict there. And I developed it. It is now used using the technology we use at Creative CRM now and which…
  • - Congratulations! I mean, to create something so specific and so rigorous, and, two at hand, to enter the German market seems extraordinary to me!
  • - Yes!
  • - It is clear that not only do you offer high quality services, you are really creative, as the name of your company says.
  • - Yes we are!
  • - What strategic advantages differentiate you from the competition you have, because I suspect that there is competition in this field ?!
  • - Yes, there is competition! Let's say that we are a bit privileged, considering that we have not been affected much by the crisis, on the contrary, it seems that we are too few compared to the demand that is on the market at the moment.
  • - Seriously?!
  • - Looks like I don't know now. I feel that I haven't been able to cope for a very long time, especially in the last year, and I suspect that the same thing happens to my competing colleagues. So, what differentiates us from our competing colleagues, let's say it would be the care we give our customers, the fact that we explain very well the development of applications, which involves making a site, or promoting it . It is very important in this field to reach a company that will explain to you, to tell you the truth, not to say what you want to hear, "yes, we will take you, yes, we will do it, yes, come here", but to tell the truth!
  • - Be honest right away!
  • - Be honest. Here's the thing, I think it's different. Not for everyone, because there are certainly other companies that approach the market as we choose to do, but for many other competitors of ours. Basically, as we show you in the design part, we chose to work only with clients who understand that they will first start designing and putting on paper what they want. And okay, they don't know what they want, they have to do it with a consultant. To do this and to be able to pay for this work, because really, to do something of quality, a design, a quality project, you need a few tens of hours, or maybe more if you have to involve a designer. in the equation, and so on, a matter that you can't do for free, and it's not good to do it for free because you have to hurry.
  • - That's right!

And it doesn't come out right. Exactly when you do your project, I make the analogy again with the house project, when you go to do your house project you pay the designer, of course. It's the same here. And here it is also important, because without such a project, once you can not approach all the opportunities that a consultant sees and knows from other projects designed or realized, and other times you can not reach the result on which you actually want. This is what sets us apart. Otherwise, we are indeed privileged, given the fact that the demand is much higher than us. We are not enough and this is somehow compared to, look, how the pandemic is now, many companies are affected. Indeed, we are with them, so that we can help them to promote themselves, with what is possible, but, companies like us, it seems that they have not been affected yet.

  • - Yes, but from what I understand, you said there are few. I've always had the impression that there are a lot of people who do what you do.
  • - There are a lot of them, of course there are a lot of them. What I have said is that, it seems, the demand is much higher.
  • - It's too big, yes!
  • - Practically, any company needs to be digitized at the moment, it needs to be online. Any company on this earth!
  • - Yes! Clear!
  • - And then, what to do but invest in young programmers, young people who assimilate the online domain and develop business in this area?
  • - Yes, because we really go to that area.
  • - Yes!
  • - Let's go back a little to this extraordinary application that you told us about and that you presented to us, so in a few general lines. Considering that it makes a company's processes very efficient and especially monitoring, control, cost control, quality of work, and a lot of other important processes related to the team, I am curious. But I will ask you to answer us as quickly as possible. I guess that, for how much money it would save and at a very good price, it goes somewhere at 500, 600 euros per month to use this application. Because I think that a small company would easily save 1000/2000 euros per month. A large company could save over 10, 20 thousand euros.
  • - Yes, indeed, what is saved with such an application is much more than the price that would be paid monthly for it.
  • - How much does it cost? About 500-600 euros? How much is it?
  • - It depends a lot on the number of users, the users of this application.
  • - Oh, basic license, this is what I was thinking of getting.
  • - What else does the application have, this Creative Meetings, which we were talking about, the video conferencing system, it is very important to specify that it differs a lot from the other established ones. It differs in that video conferencing is done from your server.
  • - It's secure.
  • - It's secure. This video, from which your own conference system can be delivered, is yours alone. You can close it, give access only to those in your company, only by their IP, and goodbye!
  • If we want to enter now using a well-established application, ok, that's on one server somewhere in the world, or on several servers somewhere in the world. We have a connection that we are discussing, but that connection is somehow public. Ok, it's also password-protected, token-safe, and so on, but it's still not with you, it's elsewhere. So, if you want to register, ok, you register, but the registration is not stored with you, it is elsewhere, while, through Creative Meetings, it can be installed directly on your server, so it will be delivered by at your and it is a matter that also cannot be compared within the same limits as those of established systems.

Returning to Creative CRM, as I said Creative Meetings is integrated into Creative CRM, but can also be accessed separately. I mean, if someone just wants Creative CRM, a big company, we can make our own video conferencing system, talk to each other securely, all we need is Creative Meetings, the video conferencing application. We can install it separately from Creative CRM. There are two distinct applications: CRM and video. How much does it cost? Costs per user, we can start from costs of 9 euros per user, and the larger the company, the more users it will need. Also, as the company is larger and has more customers, it may also need customer users to see in real time what employees are working on and what they are benefiting from.

  • - Wait a minute to make sure I understand. So, for a small company, you tell me that, I'm not talking about a medium or large company, for a small company, you tell me that if I had 2 or 3 users, I don't need a 300/500 euro per month ?
  • - Not! For 2, 3 users, the license is paid for applications of 50 euros, plus 9 euros per user. That's the cost.
  • - So not even 100 euros.
  • - Yes, up to 100 euros and you benefit from video conferencing in your internal system and from the other benefits. It is really very cheap, and cheap in the sense that it is affordable. The benefits are considerable. We want to promote this application, that's why we stay at this price level. Probably in the future there will be other functionalities that we will develop and maybe the price will be influenced, but at the moment, both for clients in Romania and especially for clients abroad, this is the price level. The application is made only in English, so that we target a wider market, but of course, on request, we can translate it into other languages.
  • - Yes, in this situation, the Tickets menu belongs only to the customer. So, the customer can put vouchers and be picked up by colleagues, and we can track response times and so on.

Between colleagues, they can assign tasks to each other, and it is exactly the same system that can be tracked in terms of take-up and completion time.

  • - But can the team leader see? And have you implemented this task with tasks?
  • - Yes Yes.
  • - Very cool!
  • - This is the basis of the task. As I was talking here, look, I clicked on Gabriel, on Bogdan, I clicked on a project and here I see the task he was working on on that project.
  • - And is it "actual signing", meaning if the task is assigned to a colleague, two?
  • - Yes! You can assign the project to several colleagues and only those colleagues can see, and only they can give each other tasks. I mean that's the level, and of course, you can assign the client to the project and so on.
  • - I am convinced that this application will be a huge success, because it meets extremely important and often pressing needs of companies, whether we are talking about remote work or teamwork in different offices.

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