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The fact that marketing is increasingly moving towards the digital area has not been a surprise for a long time, and this is due to the technology that continues to evolve impressively, occupying easily, easily an important place in almost all fields.

Of course, the benefits of digital marketing are also becoming more and more important, because people have already embraced the method of online shopping. According to Forbes, more than 80% of consumers document themselves online, and almost as many shop online. So how do you reach these consumers? The answer is, of course, through digital marketing. Here are the top 9 reasons why your business deserves to reap the benefits of this way of promotion.

Digital marketing is the most powerful form of marketing.

A few years ago we could not have made this statement, but so far we have to admit that things have evolved amazingly online. Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way you reach the customer and the way you make them resonate with your brand. Most of the existing generations now, with a different number of internet users of course, are present online and get in touch with millions of brands that have chosen to promote themselves in this way.

The most profitable way to promote.

One of the most important benefits of online promotion is the efficiency it has, being the most profitable way to make your business known. For small businesses with limited budgets, it is very difficult to compete in traditional marketing with large companies that use advertising space for promotion.

A small business can expose products / services to over 1,000 social media users for less than $ 3. In order to reach the same number of people through traditional marketing methods, the costs are much higher. While traditional marketing methods often come with various hidden costs, the costs for digital marketing are small compared to the return on investment.

Online promotion is a form of marketing with measurable results.

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How do you know if the methods you use for site promotion, for example, work? The only way to know for sure is to measure the results over time. If in the case of traditional marketing it can be difficult to follow the impact of a campaign, on the radio, on TV or any other specific means of promotion, any method of online promotion used is measurable. By measuring digital marketing campaigns in real time, you can see what tactics work or not, reaching them in the shortest time to get what you want.

Orientation towards ideal buyers.

Using traditional methods of promotion, you can only hope that your message will reach your target audience and it will certainly reach many people irrelevant to your business. By promoting online, you make sure that you reach the right consumers and they view your content. SEO allows you to reach consumers who search the web for content specific to your business. PPC, pay-per-click, display and social media campaigns allow you to see who is most likely interested in your services / products, based on demographic information and many other common features.

Most shoppers start online when they make a new purchase.

How often do you go to a search engine when looking for information? Your customers probably do the same thing when they need information about certain products / services. It is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to connect with potential customers and educate them in the stages of their journey to the final acquisition. By creating relevant and engaging content that is optimized for search engines, you can improve the online visibility of your business, reaching the customer when it matters most.

Your customers are present on social networks.

Yes, potential customers are present on most social networks, and digital marketing helps you reach them. Regardless of the industry in which your business is located, it is very possible that potential customers will spend significant time on networks such as Facebook.

SEO and local SEO help you reach the right buyers.

SEO is another powerful way for digital marketing to reach the right consumers for your business profile. A good SEO strategy will lead to impressive results, increasing the number of conversions over time. SEO is not necessarily dedicated to national companies. Many consumers are looking for local online businesses, and this can be an important tactic for businesses that operate in specific locations, such as restaurants.

Online promotion connects you with mobile phone users.

An important advantage of digital marketing is the fact that it helps you reach consumers who surf on mobile devices. Today, more than half of Internet users access the web from a mobile device. Through online marketing services you make sure that you can reach all users, be they mobile, tablet or desktop.

You can adapt your promotion strategy quickly.

Traditional marketing campaigns force you to wait until they are completed in order to draw some conclusions and further adapt your promotion strategy. While these types of campaigns can make you wait weeks or months to determine what kind of campaigns work for your business, online promotion allows you to see results in real time, for certain channels, and in the shortest possible time. short for others. This way, you can adapt your strategy "on the go".

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