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A Vodafone study in 2015 says that 63% of Romans use the smartphone. Another study, conducted by IRSOP, informs us that over 85% of those with mobile internet use applications. Romans prefer applications for social, utility, entertainment. We all know that the storage space on your smartphone is limited. We often delete applications when we do not have enough space for the new information we want to save. Additionally, the newest version of the Google Play Store contains a uninstall manager that, through an analysis system of programs you have already installed, will recommend apps that you can uninstall because you have not used them anymore very long time. The challenge for a business that wants to "capture" the limited space of the smartphone user with its application is to create that user-friendly, user-friendly application and keep it on the mobile device for a long time. Imagine how important it is to branding your company that your logo is on the pages of thousands of smartphones used by thousands of users! Custom applications and software are increasingly integrated into the digital strategy of companies because they prove their efficiency in:
  • To interact directly with the target market
  • Trust existing customers
  • Increase brand visibility online
  • To position itself as a friendly, fresh brand, anchored to the new trends in technology and implicitly to the new consumer needs.
Therefore, business applications are an excellent communication tool for companies that target consumers directly. At Creative Ones we design, implement and monitor applications for mobile devices to get the most out of this tool. Let's shape together that valuable and useful application for your clients and potential customers!

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