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For web / mobile application development (Android or iOS) always choose the partner with proven experience. We know how important your business is, so we provide our partners with proven, experienced programmers. Did you know that ... we have recently developed the GCouriers mobile application at IMWORLD 2017 - organized at Romexpo, take advantage of you too!

Mobile Application Development - Creative Ones programmers

With experience in developing applications using platforms and programming languages ​​such as: Node JS, PHP, Java, our services blend in on the expectations of each business partner. We want to provide the most effective user experience, so we have developed our knowledge of creating applications and websites using Node JS for ultra-fast response modules..

Application development - Node JS

What is Node JS and how can it give you the fastest experience of using the app? Node JS is a platform built on the V8 Chrome engine, based on a non-blocking I / O action using the callback system. Briefly, Node JS reduces the wait rate for code loading, creating an ultra-fast JavaScript experience. According to Wikipedia, Node JS is used to create dynamic web content before it is sent to the user's browser. Node JS has thus become a fundamental element in the development of WEB / mobile applications (Android and / or iOS) or even in website creation actions..

Node JS - Web Application Development

Originally created by Ryan Dahl in 2009, it was first developed for use on Linux or MAC OS X. By the time of its development, programming was completely different and the Apache + PHP combination aggravated the development of an application , sending data without having to make new connections every time. Set to work asicncron for a high response time, regardless of the number of triggered requests, Node JS runs the entire script only when needed. In 2011, the first version of Node JS compatible with the Windows operating system was implemented with Microsoft.

Android application development

Node JS is the most efficient Android / iOS application development solution, even for the most rigorous business and wishes of existing technical development. The use of smart mobile devices is a growing process in our days, the process of developing Android applications being a must have for any online business. The existence of a mobile application can lead to high sales, allowing a large number of users, mobile gadget users to interact with the services / products or even the offers of the favorite online store. Developing a mobile application gives you the ability to notify and take orders for about 64% of consumers, users of mobile devices on the Internet. The Romanian online shopping market is on the rise, so the need to develop an Android / iOS application is needed when you want to be a step closer to the competitor brand..

Creare site utilizand Node JS

With http or https modules, ie secured or unsecured, Node JS offers the ability to provide them according to the SSL Certificate that transmits the data for secure connections to the client's browser to the so-called https protocol. An SSL certificate is recommended within any site creation plan because it offers the possibility of protecting user data (important when there is a login page or even a contact form). The existence of the SSL certificate is also an important ranking factor in Google search results. Google wants to provide the best experience to its users, so security of their information is an important factor, choosing to place integrated SSL websites within favorable result positions using the search formula on Google..

IOS Application Development

As well as the iOS application development capability, Node JS platform offers multiple capabilities and optimized modules. Choosing to integrate a website or applications using Node JS, thus creating a fast upload speed, adds an ideal user experience by favorably placing the newly created module within Google's search engine results. Developing iOS applications is a real challenge, being required in any mobile application development plan. It's important to offer alternatives for each device type of a user, whether it's Android or even iOS.
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Application development - basic functionality

Mobile application development determines a number of "predefined" functionalities within its development plan, these being the most common of the functionalities chosen for developing a custom application: - Selecting a user-friendly interface with a number of personalized ICONs predictable for any type of action - Possibility of login using email address or social media accounts - Possibility of creating a user profile - Existence of a module for offering payment through the application - Shopping cart - Possibility to implement internal messaging, access to the camera and default to the photo file - Geolocation module is an important factor in the Geo Local optimization plan of the business.

WEB / mobile application development (Android or iOS) price

Automate your business, request a personalized pricing offer to customize your business application, and start converting to a growing, online shopping audience! Your business deserves a unique developer with proven experience, requesting a price offer right now!

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