SIGNALIGHT, an international brand, part of ELECTROMAX - a Creative Ones Client

Signalight is an international brand dedicated to product and lighting solutions for airports, heliports and beacons. The brand is part of Electromax, one of the largest designers and manufacturers of LED lighting systems, marketed worldwide, offering high quality products (
We are proud to have in our portfolio this international client with a great experience since 1991. With over 50 employees, the company is located in Petrosani.

ELECTROMAX's lines of activity include:

  • Lighting for airports, heliports and beacons
  • Lighting for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Street lights
  • Industrial lighting
  • Architectural lighting

SIGNALIGHT exclusively targets the line of products and lighting solutions for airports, heliports and beacons, due to the importance and international scope of this business area. Signalight is a reliable and competent partner for its customers.

All lighting products under the Signalight brand are manufactured in accordance with ICAO, FAA and specific national regulations, to the highest standards.

Also, SIGNALIGHT products are manufactured in the Electromax production plant in Petrosani, Romania. The brand uses OSRAM certified quality LED lighting, manufactured in-house, together with high quality materials: anodized aluminum, polycarbonate, stainless steel.
The brand uses the latest technologies for the design, manufacture and testing of lights, including electronic design, optical solutions, thermal and mechanical simulations, photometric testing and more.

Signalight lighting products are designed and marketed to military, civilian and industrial contractors worldwide.

Signalight customizable systems come with exceptional value through a carefully designed set of services to assist customers at every step: design, manufacture, system configuration, testing, validation, operation and maintenance.

Signalight products are:

  • Airport lighting
  • Heliport lighting
  • Lighting obstacles
  • Portable lighting

All lighting products bring value to customers through high quality, low costs, high expertise.

Airport lighting

Airport lighting products are important for safe landing, especially at night, in case of low visibility conditions or various obstacles at the aerodrome. Signalight airport lighting products are designed and manufactured according to international aviation standards.

Heliport lighting

These are complete systems or individual high lights, flat lights, guidance lights, framed lights and controllers for heliports, heliports or helipads.

Obstruction lighting

Signalight provides obstacle lighting for the most difficult conditions around the world, for the best visibility of the obstacles and ensuring the safety of tall structures.

Portable lighting

The Signalight portable lighting system can be used in locations where it is difficult to install traditional lights, making lighting strong and reliable. All projects are safely lit.

For such an international and representative brand in the field of aviation safety, a high online visibility of its products and projects is mandatory. So Signalight has chosen to work with us, the Creative Ones Team, and we are truly honored!

For Signalight, our team creates an SEO optimization strategy as well as hosting and maintenance services.

The hosting and maintenance services developed by Creative Ones help our client to be safe and up to date.
The website development does not only refer to the design, but also to maintenance requirements, a website need to be updated, protected. At Creative Ones we offer professional website maintenance and management services.

We can also manage complex programming languages ​​and make sure websites are secure. Take a look at our website administration and maintenance packages.

Just choose the perfect hosting plan for your business, tailored to your online needs. There are 3 plans available at Creative Ones: Basic, Business and Business Plus.

In terms of SEO optimization, at Creative Ones we could have two perspectives:

On-Site SEO Optimization or Off-Site SEO Optimization

1. On-site SEO optimization

The first step is to optimize our client's site in terms of technical elements, but also content. The starting point is the stability of keywords relevant to the online business, and the goal is to increase the conversion rate.

2. Off-site SEO optimization

First, the site must meet all Google requirements. After that, we can start implementing the off-site SEO strategy. The core of the strategy is link building and generating quality content. Also, being present on social networks is an advantage.

For Signalight we have developed a complex SEO strategy, both on-site and off-site, starting from the analysis of relevant keywords and continuing with authentic content. The challenge for this type of client was to build the right content not only from a SEO perspective, but also taking into account the fact that lighting systems are technical products and the content must also be correct.

It is important to know that SEO activity does not end after a month or two, tree ... To be valuable with a high conversion rate, it must be constantly developed and improved.

Just as Signalight has the slogan Safely guiding your way, at Creative Ones we could say about our expertize: Safely guiding your ONLINE way! - We design and produce innovative LED lighting systems for airports, heliports and obstacles. Portable airfield lights also available. The Signalight business is mantained and promoting by Creative Ones Marketing division.

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