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Developing an online business can be quite difficult, especially if you are new to the site. However, even if you are faced with the first experience of this type, it does not mean that you have to go through the process of learning from your own mistakes, but only to understand how things work and what are the most common mistakes of ecommerce site owners. which you should avoid.

Today, many entrepreneurs can boast of owning an online store, but how many of them can say that they have results in terms of the number of visits and conversions? Maybe creating an online store price is a phrase that seems relevant at the beginning of the road in this type of business, which is not bad at all, because it is important to think about the steps of your investment, but do not make the mistake of believing that choosing the cheapest option to have assured success.

To make sure you're launching a successful online store, first make sure you don't check these errors:

Online store without logo

Usually, the logo is the first thing noticed by a visitor who arrives on the site and helps to form the first impression about it. Displaying the title of the store in a standard version is certainly not a visual identity.

Why do entrepreneurs choose to create an online store without a logo? Most believe that investing in a logo made by a specialist is unjustified. In reality, however, this aspect later influences the profitability of an online store. After all, how can we raise brand awareness without the existence of a logo with which people can identify the site?

About us and Contact without information pages

The sales potential of the About Us page is often underestimated. Taking a look at the most visited pages in Analytics, you may have a surprise finding this page well positioned in the top of those that generate traffic. What are the most common mistakes on the Contact and About Us pages?

Lack of a story. Who exactly are you? How did this online store come about? What is the story of your products? How are they made? No broad story is needed, just a few words to help consumers form an opinion about your site.

Generic email address. Of course, Gmail is great, but using it as a contact email doesn't work well for your online business. Allow time to create an email address with your site's domain name.

No details about the location. Yes, it is an online store, but visitors see this as a matter of trust. Others want to know if they need to consider delivery from another country, perhaps.

SEO Strategy - Completely Ignored

Probably the most common problem with online stores: lack of an SEO strategy or a poorly thought out SEO strategy. The results of SEO optimization may be delayed, but once they appear, you will consider it one of the most important investments when it comes to all the tools used to make an online store.

SEO optimization is necessary and can be one of the most important tools that generate relevant traffic for your online store. You can invest huge sums in the development of an online store with an extraordinary design and tailored functionality, which, however, will not generate profit without having a well-developed SEO strategy.

An online store without responsive design

The number of visitors accessing the internet from mobile devices is growing at a steady pace. On the same trend, online store visitors come largely from mobile devices. A responsive design gives them the same pleasant experience as the desktop version of your site, so invest in the design of the online store.

Poor site loading speed

Hard-to-load sites lose visitors, who usually don't return a second time. A fast loading speed, on the other hand, can improve the user experience, improving the conversion rate.

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