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If they were to choose an operating system for the development of their mobile application, many entrepreneurs would opt for Android, a choice that we understand perfectly, given that this operating system had in 2017 almost 90% of the mobile market share. The idea of ​​developing mobile applications on Android means the possibility of reaching a huge audience - what entrepreneur would not pursue this?

However, an audience of impressive size, brings with it the confrontation with the high expectations of the users. Therefore, the development of custom Android applications is becoming more and more important in 2018. In addition, companies benefit from certain benefits when they choose to create customized Android applications.

What does it mean to develop custom Android applications?

The development of customized applications is the process of creating a new product that meets the requirements of a company. With the advent of new technologies, the development of custom applications tends to remain the only option, both for start-up companies and those with years of experience.

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Why choose custom Android application development? Here are the top 5 benefits:

Personalized development takes into account your time and budget

First of all, any "ready-made" software already has a certain set of features, some of which are useful for what you want from your own mobile application, some not. However, the price remains unchanged, even if certain functions are completely useless for what you want to develop. A customized product integrates all the functionalities you need, being strictly adapted to your requirements - you practically pay only for what you choose.

In addition, for the applications already made, some additional costs are added for: installation, data import, additional support. By opting for a custom Android application, you know that you are fully equipped in the long run.

The chance to meet customer expectations

A satisfied user with a mobile experience is a main goal for any company operating in this market. To be one of those who offer such mobile experiences, you need to be aware of the needs of the users, and in this situation the customized applications are the ones that are gaining ground. No matter how wide the audience of the desired application, the customized software helps to integrate in one place all the necessary functionalities.

A huge advantage of the Android platform is the ease of customization. On the one hand, this platform works so that it can easily meet any requirements, and on the other hand, the development process is very flexible, allowing multiple integrations.

You gain a wider audience when you build Android applications

As mentioned above, Android has a dominant market share - almost 90% in the second quarter of 2017, according to, so it's no surprise that many companies would choose to develop an Android application. Such an impressive market share can only mean one thing: your custom application will appear on a wide variety of devices used by people from several economic groups.

Security of your business - more secure with custom Android applications

Custom applications are created for the specific needs of a business. This means that no one but the development team will know the architecture of the product specifically created for your company. In addition, you can request the highest degree of security for the developed application, which is often impossible for a ready-made solution. If you plan to develop an application that stores sensitive data, then ready-made solutions are not the best option.

Lower costs - increased ROI

Android is an open source platform. This means that the SDK (Software Development Kit) can be modified and shared with developers around the world. With free access to software, developers no longer have to worry about the cost of licenses. Also, the developers will pay a one-time fee for the distribution of the application, and will be able to build a product on any device. So, not only the low invested costs are highlighted, but also a simplified development process. Finally, users receive an interactive and regularly updated application that gives you an increased return on investment (ROI).

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