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(Română) Creative Ones @ Internet & Mobile World 2017 – Creare aplicatii mobile

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(Română) Creare site WEB – Sustinem antreprenorii romani!

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Opencart Website Creation – We develop together your entrepreneur qualities

Are you looking for a great programmers team to develop an e-commerce website using Opencart? We know how complicated can be choosing the right partner, that`s why at Creative Ones we are offering consultancy in order to help you to take the right choice for getting the best services for opening the best online e-commerce that suits the best with your business. Look for the advantages!

Opencart Website Creator – We put the basis for your online success!

opencart website development

At Creative Ones we are 100% involved in projects creation for our partners, that`s the reason why we are offering complete services for creation, optimization and promoting your business in online field! With over 5 years of experience in e-commerce websites creation you can take advantage of getting a complete website.

We are investing in your entrepreneurship quality! That’s why:

We have trust in your choice: Experience learned us that each entrepreneur is getting in the necessity of having a great consultancy service for choosing the best identity for his business, that`s why we created the consultancy service so you can get the full control of your plan.

We put the bases for your online success: The services for Opencart Website Creation can be that complex that`s why it`s extremely important for your programming team to have the real skills for making the process without any mistakes. Each mistake costs: time, money investment and the real success of your business.

We build brands: After we create the bases of Opencart website, we put in action the strategy of creation the best image of your business. Get business identity creation because image real matters!

Take the benefits of full security: Services are completed after they are real assure. Be happy about the benefit of online website creation using an complete secure website.

What is Opencart?

Opencart website

Opencart is the ideal solution for raising and controlling an e-commerce website.
With a history starting with 1998 year, Opencart has now all the features that you need to design and control your online business.
Being one of the most used platforms for creating an online business, Opencart has a simple programming coding type, getting the possibility to make fast & accurate implementations.

Opencart website creation – What are the advantages ?

opencart website development

Opencart is the best platform for small and/or medium businesses which offer the possibility to create an efficient system quick and easy to administer even if you are a beginner. Get the benefits of the service for creating an online website using Opencart, by using a great platform, giving up in this way to full-time maintenance of a webmaster.

Add photos, videos, descriptions, stock, prices and even SEO-friendly keywords.

Thanks to Opencart website development service you got the possibility to administrate two or more online stores in only one panel. In this way you have real administration advantages with the possibility of:

– Setting the products that you want to be active for every website that you manage
– Choose different languages
– Setting the costs of each product in each website that you manage
– The possibility to implement different features
– Different currency for each global region
– The possibility to add multi-currency with automatic conversion
– Making easy SEO on-site
– Unlimited number of presentation pages & adding relevant informations
– The capacity to create sales reporting with advanced filtering
– Having unlimited number of product producers

Do you need a complete online store for different globe regions? Why not having the possibility to manage each section for each global region by using a single panel!
While with Opencart you have the possibility to add different currency of each targeted global region, now it allows to add different ways to pay. See a part of the best ways:

– LiqPay
– Authorize.net
– Paypal
– Paypoint
– Klama
– EWay (UK, AU, NZ)
– Secure Trading
– SagePay
– Bank Transfer
– Cash On Dellivery
– Collect in store

Opencart website development at Creative Ones

opencart website development

Creative Ones Team shares the same B2B values like you do, so if you want:

– Specialized ultra-complete consultancy to create opencart website
– Great support services for choosing the right Web Design
– Unlimited control of your project thanks to our CRM Application that gives you the ability to know: who, when and how much is working at your project
– Full-Services to create and promote your website: graphic design, business identity, SEO-friendly content, SEO optimization, product photos even at 360 degrees, online marketing and much more.

We worked together at your project, the website is LIVE, what`s next?

An online website needs users, we work together to set-up advertising campaigns efficient targeted to get the best results.

What we offer?

– Creating representative social media pages: social media is the place where your potential customers are spending the meantime, be near to them!

– We help setting the accounts for: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.

Be present! Take long time to communicate with your customers. Answer to the most provocative messages and questions that they may have.

– Set-up advertising campaigns using: Adwords, Facebook Ads and SEO optimization

Google Adwords campaigns allows you to get your website to the first page on Google using a main phrase. With a great budget and a great Adwords partner you can get the most wanted number of conversions.
Advantages: you can be on the first page on Google results right when campaign starts
Disadvantages: stopping the Adwords campaign will stop also the traffic on your website

Facebook Ads allows promoting your services to the Facebook users. Launch business promoting campaigns right there where your target spend the longer time. Take the benefits of and extremely well targeted campaign thanks to Facebook Ads.

SEO optimization – You can do SEO optimization in two ways named: SEO on-site and SEO off-site.

SEO on-site: represents all the optimization you can make for keywords, images, titles, descriptions and more on site.
SEO off-site: means the whole implementations that you make, outside of your website, in order to get more traffic on your own website.

Advantages: SEO campaign results are staying even the promoting stops
Disadvantages: SEO campaign results are seeing after 3-6 months later after you started the SEO campaign optimization.

These 3 strategies are completing each other, taking real benefits if you use them right.

Conclusion – opencart website development – the perfect choice for me?

opencart website

Take advantage of over 5 years experience in online e-commerce, do intelligent investments in getting the best entrepreneur carrier!

Write us on: office@creative-ones.com or call us: 40 740 065 563 / +40 723 367 376 and tell us about your successful future project!

WordPress website creation – The perfect choice for every start-up!

WordPress website creation – The perfect choice

Firsts steps in your online business creation – Choose wisely!

What would you do if you knew that 8 millions of people are using every day the internet? But that 83% of them have the trust to buy online? Use these numbers for your favor, grow your online sales! Choose that your online sales plan to make it quick thanks to excellent solutions for easy utilization – create now your own website in WordPress!

What is wordpress?


WordPress is an online platform that allows to create a presentation website or a blog. What`s different between the other platforms is the possibility to implement thousands of plugins in different ways that you need. With an easy to use control panel, the service for wordpress website creation becomes a good choise for any entrepreneur who wants his business to be in the online environment.

The evolution of website creation services using WordPress

With specialization in PHP and MySQL, Michel Valdrighi launch in 2001 the b2 cafeblog with the purpose to create a well structured website. Today, WordPress improved the interface and the possibilities to create plugins making WordPress a CMS platform with frecvent updating.
19% percent of the online websites all over the world are using WordPress, that`s why WordPress becomes the lider in creation website services.

The advantages in WordPress website creation services


Thanks to full-services segment of our company, working with Creative Ones gets unlimited advantages. We are offering the possibility for our partners to acces full services in any field of working, so if you choose wordpress for website creation with our company you will get:
– Personalized Web Design
– Real time access to the information regarding: who, what and when is working at your project
– Great implementation of your projects, thanks to our senior programmers
– Google-friendly content

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Plus you will get access to our optimization services by offering consultancy in:

– Online Marketing
– Taking photographs for online magazines. Now our photo studio can provide 360 degree photos
– Custom applications for mobile or desktop, now you can reach 64% of the Romanian people who are using every day the internet

Get access to a complete service for creation wordpress website so you can do by yourself:

– Easy Add or edit photos, video or texts to your website
– Choose personalized design and get a WordPress website that`s easy to control by a cool control panel
– Get full responsive website
– Obtain well Google indexing
– Get the real possibility to add different languages to your website
– Protect from malicious things that can destroy the website

What it takes to create a wordpress website?

Get starded your online business! Creative Ones is offering consultancy for every question that you may have!
You don`t know what domain to choose? You have no idea what it means a hosting services for a website? We can help with that:
– Great implementation of WordPress platform
– Every business is unique in his way, we add value by using personalized web design
– Get full implementation of the menu
– Adding products to your website
– Creation of efficient content by being user-friendly, google-friendly or even SEO-friendly content. Get the full qualities to be well indexed by Google!
So, we created the website, what`s next?
After we created the website , we need that users know about his existence. What it takes this step? SEO optimization and Google Adwords campaign.
SEO optimization will be:
– SEO on-page
– SEO off-page
SEO on-page gets Meta Title optimization, Meta Description, Images Title, Link-building etc.
SEO off-page represents the cumulation of the backlinks that come to your website.

WordPress website realization – a good choice?


If you want a website with a great interface for users and also an easy to use control panel for you and in the same time the possibility to get great implementation of your website personalization then the answer is YES, wordpress website creation is good for your business.

Find out more details for wordpress website realization, write us a brief to: office@creative-ones.com or call us on: +40 740 065 563 and let`s get started to your project!

(Română) Creatie Website – Simplu – Rapid -100% Responsive

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Promovare Online – Google Adwords sau SEO ?

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(Română) Interviu Mihai Tucan, Director General Creative Ones

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