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Work from home was usually only available as an option to help families with special cases. However, technology has advanced to the point where some companies thrive with team members completely removed.

Remote work can also help prevent the spread of disease. For example, the new Coronavirus has led many employers to focus on a remote way of working to limit the spread.

Is the operation of the remote company efficient? We say yes.

Employees who work remotely are much more productive than when they are in the office.

The Airtasker study found the following:

- Remote employees work +2 days a month than office employees

- Remote employees take longer breaks than office employees

- Office workers are 40 minutes more unproductive on average than those who work remotely

While these statistics can encourage both employees and employers to implement a work-from-home program, so distance work can increase employee satisfaction when implemented correctly.

Finally, due to advances in communication technology and Internet access, working from home has become an accepted practice in many companies.

Stacey Epstein: "The modern workforce is increasingly mobile, collaborative and dynamic."

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