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It’s not just on Live, It’s Real Poker with A Real Dealer – A Human Person

Let’s start together an Unique and Amazing Playing Experience – Real Poker – On Live – With Real Dealer!

Real Poker is the Terminal of Playing, the Ultimate Poker experience.

Our players are now, finally, absolutely pleased to play online Poker Texas Hold’em!

Online, right from the comfort of their homes or relaxing in holiday.

  • The Human factor is the key
  • The Security is the answer

It’s All REAL! And it’s perfectly SECURED!

Advanced incorporated technology and method:

  • two separate connections, one for video transmission, the other for encrypted playing card codes
  • Continuous sensor playing cards with secure RFID code
  • the game table has a special RFID Reader device connected to a mini processor that transmits encrypted to the server what the Dealer scans
  • The game table contains a video camera that transmits live, filmed, which cards the dealer deals

How is it possible?

The Real Poker platform incorporates state-of-the-art advanced technology (RFID) and provides players with a hybrid game mode: Online (on live) with Real Dealer

The human factor is what online poker has lacked so far. On the Real Poker platform, the Dealer is a very real person!

Online poker is now more real and challenging!

How It works?

  • The dealer divides the cards and scans them through an RFID reader device that transmits to a local system that communicates with the Server
  • The application knows which cards the dealer deals to each participant, which cards are taken down, etc.
  • Each participant sees his playing cards and can bid, can "fold" the game
  • There is the option to "leave the table" and can go out whenever he wants.
  • The player can "sit out", taking a break and returning when he wants.
  • The application manages the players registered in the game and they have their own points, respectively money to play in the games.
  • Once you charge in-game credits by paying with a credit card through the payment processor, the player can play by bidding on the games launched by the Casino.
  • The player has the opportunity to "cash out" through the methods available at payment processors.
  • Private table can be created by invitation to the game table only for certain players.

What are the Benefits for players?

  • The game it’s more Real and Engaged
  • The game it’s real Provocative
  • It contains “Human touch” - reducing the loneliness and impersonal feeling in online
  • It’s comfortable and can be accessed from anywhere, just having an internet connection
  • The entire set-up gives the players an authentic and unique experience Poker playing.

What are the Benefits for Casinos/Business Partners?

  • Online poker through the Real Poker Onlive platform is an extremely profitable business extension for Casinos / Business Partners.
  • The online set-up (application, RFID technology, server hosting and maintenance) exists, is functional and only needs to be replicated for each Casino / Business Partner.
  • With Real Poker Onlive it is secure, authentic and more profitable due to lower logistics costs and access to an unlimited range of players, from anywhere in the world!
  • The existence of the human factor online (Dealer - real person), makes the game more real, with more engagement and players will return to this type of game much more often.
  • It is a business that scales much easier!

Engagement – Retention – Loyalty – MORE MONEY

Let’s talk about real MONEY!

It is secure and can be set, custom, as follows:

  • At each game table created, the Casino may set Reke differently with a minimum and maximum entry amount.
  • The opening amount for the table is customizable (blind, small blind and big blind) and can be changed even during the game with the consent of each player.
  • The Casino Commission is implemented in the application code exactly in the percentage that the Casino / Business Partner wants.

Let’s make Real Business RIGHT NOW with Real Poker Onlive platform!

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