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Lately, we also have questions: Why "We Create Online Beauty"? It's a slogan that we chose after a brainstorming with the entire team. What we do, more precisely, what our historian is, what testimonials we receive from our clients, where we go, how we have perfected - all of these have laid the foundation for a brief solid and the result defines the Creative Ones capabilities. Yes, without modesty, We Create Online Beauty! Beauty is the ideal to all of us: physical beauty, the beauty of a day spent with loved ones, the beauty of an artwork, the beauty of a well-done project ... Beauty means attitude, depth, intelligence, what is pleasant to look, harmony , happiness, trust, honesty. And this is just a short list. These are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we translate into each of our online projects. We know that every client sets a beauty ideal for his project: he wants a beautiful site, wants a beautiful online campaign, wants a beautiful online game ... Beauty does not mean "polish", which is on the surface. Beauty is the interface for what we actually do: effective functionalities, custom applications, targeted campaigns ... We are aestheticians, we have a scalpel and beyond a beautiful look we get, we "work" in depth, we bring out what we give force, trust and generate viable results. So, with the greatest confidence, leave our hand! Creative Ones - Senior Programmers & UX Web Designers for Brands and Agencies. Online Marketing Team

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