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A successful mix between web design and online content is an essential step to attract attention to the site and make visitors come back. In this regard, we present you a useful checklist:
  • Have you included a professional logo the web site?
  • It is clear who is your company and what offers it unique, by what differentiates itself from the competition?
  • Does the text of each web page achieve its purpose? Successfully develop the title?
  • Texts have call to action?
  • Are the texts showing the benefits of using your products / services?
  • Do you use graphic elements: bullets, arrows?
  • Do you use pictures or videos to show your product / service when you use it?
  • Are the images and videos original and have rights to them?
  • If you use video, it is set to manual playback?
  • If you want to provide additional information, do you use lightbox so that visitors do not have to leave the web page for additional information?
  • Do you highlight important information, especially those that contain call to action through design (contrast, size)?
  • Do you have several ways to contact (email, phone, live chat, address)?
  • Do you provide verifiable testimonies (name person, company)?
If something is missing or needs to be improved, it matters to us for tips & trick! Contact us today by phone or via our contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.  
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