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It's time to have the best web site with the best content and the most effective promotion. We start with a conclusion: online is the king! In Romania, 4 out of 10 buyers are already digital consumers. On the other hand, out of 10 digital consumers in Romania, 6 just get informed online, but they buy in the store, and 3 buy online, after they were also informed in the store. The purchase decision is taken by the consumer only after the information related to a particular product or service is verified from several sources and at least on two devices. The price has the most influence on the online purchase decision. The buying experience now has an omnichannel dimension. As consumers advance up to 60% in their online purchasing decision, it is good that the information I find here is correlated with what they can find in stores or other channels of communication. The difference is excellent after-buy assistance. Digital consumers are involved and are not easily satisfied. Access to information makes it equally demanded by the sales and customer support departments. Content marketing The online environment is the most used source of information for 20-35 year-old consumers in Romania to search for the desired product or service (27% for services and 32% for products analyzed). The vast majority of respondents in the EY study "Using Mobile Devices in Romania" argue that the information provided by the online environment is useful or very useful (61% for products and 52% for services).

On the other hand, information from the online environment is considered increasingly useless for services compared to products. Social media marketing The general trend regarding the domains in which the social networks are used within the companies in Romania is maintained, the prevailing use being in marketing and communication. Increases of 3-5% are remarkable in recruitment, customer relations and research of their needs. Increasing the company's notoriety and exposure to the market remain the most important benefits of using social networks. 54% of respondents talk about generating sales opportunities, representing a significant increase over 2013.

More than half of respondents appreciate the loyalty of their customers through social networking. Mobile Marketing: It's About Screens, Not Devices If 87% of respondents to the EY study "Using Mobile Devices in Romania" say they have a smartphone and 58% have a tablet, only 28% say they still have a cell phone very few have phablet mobile devices (5%), fitness bracelet (4%) or smartwatch (4%). Depending on the frequency of use of mobile devices, respondents say the most used are: smartphone, tablet and mobile phone. 45% of mobile device users use between 8 and 10 applications, 21% use between 5 and 8 applications and 33% use between 1 and 5 applications. 66% of respondents use business applications, 60% of the photo & video category, 46% of the music and entertainment category, the lowest values ​​in the applications using the categories of lifestyle (28%), health & fitness (25% ) and sports (17%).

In the list of benefits, among the six listed, the top three in terms of mobile device use in respondents' perception are: mobility, accessibility and connectivity. The following places were ranked: efficient use of time, application utilization and promptness in response. Video marketing: from promises to results 37% of respondents said they watch 1-5 video content per week, 21% over 15 video / week, 19% watch between 6 and 10 video content, while only 14% respondents do not watch any video content per week. Global studies estimate an annual increase in video traffic by as much as 55% by 2020, boosted by video streaming services and the inclusion of more and more video content in the  media and advertising space Source: EY Romania Study "Using Mobile Devices in Romania"

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