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A special project with a special person. Andreea Musat, under the name of the AMNA scene, has conquered the Romanian and international music charts with the song "Tell Me Why" and obviously needed an online presence as imposing as the hit. This project has gone from the premise that an online presence is needed that not only attracts visitors but also fans, given that it is a project involving an artist. As for artists, we remember that the Creative Ones team was one of the most prestigious graduate designers of the School of Arts, which in turn played an important role in the visual and aesthetic impact of the AMNA website. Also, in the context of the presentation, I have inserted within the presentation section and videos from the artist's archive videos that are visible almost everywhere on the website. The menu has been created so that on AMNA's website we can find everything we need Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, even a Blog section that greatly helps the website to be indexed and easily found in search engines. The Social Media section of is visible from the first site on the website containing the YouTube artist's accounts where it has more than 8.5 million views, Facebook with 320,000 likes, Twiteer, Instagram and Google Plus. I mentioned this part of Social Media because it is very important for any BRAND, it grows notoriety, it keeps you in touch with your target audience and as AMNA has not neglected these aspects has come to have impressive numbers of followers. is a presentation site created by the Creative Ones team, it is a special project we are very keen to enjoy and we are pleased that the artist Andreea Musat chose to collaborate with us. Together, we had an efficient and fast collaboration using Creative Ones CRM, which helped the artist very much to see at any time how his website was developed. For the contact, the Creative Ones team chose to create a simple contact page that would involve the visitor to leave contact information or to easily get in touch with the artist for the event you want. We invite you to have the most enjoyable experience visiting this way
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