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  The fall is coming and a new round of planning begins. By December when the line is drawn, there is some time, just good to prepare a fruitful ending. Already the promotions in stores are over, people are coming back from vacation, school is starting, things get on a bigger ... seriously. I have prepared a checklist for your online presence. We included those mandatory aspects for your online growth and support your marketing and sales strategy. Website mobile friendly.
  • Is your site visible on any device?
  • Did you know if the site is not mobile (responsive) Google penalizes you, affecting your visibility in its pages?
People are most likely searching for online information on your phone or tablet, so it is imperative that your site be adapted to these devices! Positioning on the front page of the Google search engine
  • Is your site the first page to look for keywords?
  • Want to increase traffic on the site and people to buy your products / services?
Online promotion campaigns support the growth of your business! Landing page for well-targeted campaigns
  • Do you want to actively promote a particular product or service?
  • Do you want to increase your visitors' conversion rate?
Landing page is the online tool by which you gain customers through a disseminated message to a targeted audience! Social media for awareness raising
  • Do you have a strong presence in social media?
  • Create quality content for your fans?
Campaigns and social media presence help you increase site traffic and better visibility into the online environment! CRM for an efficient management of your business.
  • Do you want a solution to help control your business from anywhere, anytime?
  • Do you want to better manage your time tracking?
The customer relationship management (CRM) solution saves you money, time and energy and manages your business and the whole amount of information! For all these solutions to grow your business with the online environment, Creative Ones team of web designers and senior programmers are at your disposal!
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