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We also asked 100 Romanians how it should be a picture to convince them to buy the product from that picture. The answers are to our liking, because it highlights exactly what we are following when we offer our customers the product shooting service. So people want to see in a product photo::

  • Important details well captured by the photo lens
  • Textures and surfaces that faithfully deliver reality
  • The product on a background to highlight and help them in the purchase decision
  • Shapes and features surprisingly captured by the photo lens
  • They want to see exactly the product they are going to buy, not a copy taken who knows from what site
  • They want to be convinced that the picture is original to trust the brand
Do not forget! Pictures make the difference between sites! The higher the pictures, the more your website will be more convincing and the conversion rate of visitors to customers will increase! Work with professionals especially when you have an online store or a sales site! It's about the image and how your brand is perceived. To convince you that we are doing the best pictures for your site take a look here: Product photography

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