Creative Ones is an online tire store created and developed to provide customers with an enjoyable and efficient online experience when they want to buy tires. The store aims to sell low-budget tires and premium tires from most tire manufacturers at an affordable price, with additional services tailored to customers. We are pleased to have Anvelomag in the Creative Ones portfolio, is one of the most popular online tire stores in Romania. The fact that the key elements of the professionalism of Anvelomag services are the ease with the acquisition process and the quality of the information present on the site has only been able to lay the foundations for excellent collaboration. is a site taken over by Creative Ones on the basis of user experience This means that we wanted to offer our users, in interaction with the site, the search and choice of Anvelomag products, a more efficient, enjoyable and trouble-free experience. The whole information architecture, marketing tools, graphics, design have been geared to get a useful and easy-to-use product ( tire website). Also, the web site is hosted on one of the Creative Ones servers, especially as the resellers of this online store require special attention especially when automatically loading feeds with products that update inventory and tire prices. The site benefits from a number of optimizations - seasonal products are highly optimized in the site to be marketed according to the company's goals. As a matter of fact, the site is well indexed by Google, not only because of the Google campaigns the company has run but also because of the way the Creative Ones team has redeemed it in an optimal way. Being practically designed as a sales site, benefits from filters - user friendly - which direct the user directly to the desired product. To choose the right tires can be a not easy task for a person, especially with medium knowledge in the field. That is why the filters and the homepage containing recommendations and implicitly highlighted promotions are aimed at a user-friendly, easy-to-reach acquisition process. The product inventory is permanently updated and this is also visible on the site's product pages. And because Anvelomag wants to be close to its customers and respond to all requests, the site also contains a chat support module - Support Anvelomag Live - where real-time discussions can be held with the company's representatives. The newsletter is another marketing tool that helps build the company's customer base. Through the newsletter, the company aims to deliver promotions about summer, winter and all season tires, tires and tires, as well as car and car brands. Finally, we will leave a link with useful information about tires, even from It is good to know when to change the tires of your car and how to check their wear. All you have to do is enjoy the pleasant journeys with your loved ones!

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