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Online shopping is getting more and more ground. We are getting busier or becoming more comfortable, we always have the internet at the bearer. Now everything is a click away. And online stores are struggling to offer the best products at the best prices. The online store Megaplaza is in the Creative Ones portfolio. Megaplaza is exactly what its name says: an online store, the size of a giant mall where you can find everything you need: from cosmetics and home appliances to car parts and tourist packages. On you will find well-known brands, hundreds of product categories, great prices for Megaplaza to negotiate unbeatable discounts on travel services. Not a few times when we wanted to make an online purchase of a product, we hit it for its lack of stock. On the site, the product appeared to be in stock, so then we could be contacted and offered a similar product because there was no stock in the product we wanted. Nothing more unpleasant, especially if the situation is repeated in experience with the same online store. That's why, together with the team at, we implemented a module that updates the inventory automatically every 24 hours. In this way, Megaplaza makes the most of what can be done so that stocks or availability of bids are displayed in real time. Let's not lose sight of the fact that an online Megaplaza store has over 480,000 products of hundreds, thousands of sources! This inventory update mode is important for any online store. On the one hand, the module updates automatically, which eliminates human intervention, which would be impossible to achieve when talking about thousands of products. On the other hand, it eliminates the inconvenience of not being able to offer customers what they want, because of erroneous information, not properly updated on the site. Megaplaza offers 7 payment methods, payment in installments, online credit, free delivery under certain conditions, and many other online customer benefits (gift voucher, for example). In online it is very important to put at your disposal all the tools that will make it easy to buy, enjoy the experience and make it come back and recommend you. On the homepage, in a generous banner space, the Megaplaza promotions are marked. Also for the site we implemented the live chat module very useful for the direct and real-time contact of the client with the site. We invite you to have the most enjoyable shopping experience. OnĀ
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