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The IOS mobile application is a software designed to run on a device running an IOS operating system. In general, IOS is used on mobile devices, the application can be designed to work on iPhone, iPad Macbook and Apple Watch with iOS operating system on  iPhone / iPad, MacOS on Mac and Macbook, watchOS on Apple Watch.

For whom is this course:

- Anyone wishing to learn how to build applications

- People who want to earn the existence (or income) of application development

- Anyone who wants to learn to encode

do not lose one more cent on poorly made videos, on YouTube, or on discards. The complete iOS-Swift development course offers you everything you need in an easy-to-digest process with support from a dedicated team of experts.

This course offers a structured approach and will help you learn essential concepts about iOS. Guided by experienced professionals

From beginner to iOS app developer:

- XCode

- New Apple programming language: Swift

- storyboards

- Interface Builder

- GitHub


- Inputs, buttons and interactive interfaces

- AutoLayout

- Add sound effects to the application

Why take this course?

This course will put you on the road to becoming an iOS developer, where you will set a basic understanding of the iOS ecosystem. You will also have working knowledge about Swift, the custom programming language of Apple created exclusively for mobile development


- No need for knowledge - you will learn what you need to know at the course

- A Macbook or iMac (or Windows PC running OSX)

- No paid software required - coding will be done using Xcode (which is free)

Participants can be hired after completing the course according to the skills they have acquired during the course.

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