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A common mistake made by some companies when sending newsletters with links included or promoted through online ads is to send the potential client automatically to their site instead of giving them a landing page as a landing page.

What is a landing page?

This is where you have the chance to win your clients through a targeted message to a targeted audience. Landing page is basically a web page that should respect the visual identity of your brand, but which is separate from the site. On this page you have to always look at things from the client's perspective: what are their needs, problems and how to solve them. Landing page has a pragmatic purpose, it's always conversion-oriented. It is said that in online 5 seconds at your disposal to create a good impression. The more we must keep this in mind when setting a landing page in terms of design and content. For a successful landing page, it's good to keep in mind:
  • A convincing title
  • Strong emphasis on benefits
  • Call to action strategically placed
  • Clear, concise messages, perceived as valuable
  • Easy to navigate, well organized, airy
  • Content to be focused on one action or offer
  • Testimonials, Social Evidence
  • Highlighting by bold and bullets to highlight what is most important
  • Illustrative image
  • The order form / enrollment form is not loaded with unnecessary information, but only requires what is strictly useful to be able to contact the client
  • Do not include links to other pages that might hijack the client on your landing page.
Now ask for a Professional Landing Page!

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