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    Advantages of personalized applications

  • Highest level of business automation 
  • Visible growth in business efficiency  
  • Increased control and elimination of human errors
  • Higher customer relationship management

How can you grow your business success using the latest IT solutions and technologies?

Web programming and the internet now offer solutions that attract billions of euros a year for some companies, solutions that we have already implemented for many companies every business need these new technologies and solutions to attract customers or to provides support and maintenance services or to manage multiple activities within the company.

Think about telecom companies, how can the manage their performance without performing software that automatically manages and invoices thousands of customers? how could there be no order-based banks that automate activity?

Avoiding losses and developing a business is done only by managing it as efficiently as possible, especially through personalized software applications that enable informed decision making.

Fortunately, today it is easier than 10 years ago to attract thousands of customers and develop millions of businesses in just a few years. Adaption to new conditions and increasing business efficient through custom applications are essential to your business.

We bring together your vision and our experience to adapt our technologies and grow your business and revenue, We respond exactly to your expectations and need and yo your customers.

Types of applications:

  • CRM Systems (CRM Integration)
  • Sales management systems
  • Application for automatic sending of SMS messages
  • Task and monitoring employee activity systems
  • Billing systems
  • Scanning and retrieval systems from the internet
  • Applications automate online activities 
  • Event management systems
  • Application for customer retention
  • Online pricing systems (for online stores)
  • Online insurance policy systems (RCA, travel insurance, etc.)
  • Other projects, depending on your requests

Examples of custom software created by the creative ones team:

  • Car rental site
  • Tourism site
  • Complex configurators, for example:

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