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In fact, with your business in Cloud. Cloud is a data storage solution that allows you to access it online anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection. Basically, a company specializing holds some data centers with thousands of servers with a great storage capacity and can rent from this enterprise cloud services at a very low cost. Advantages of data storage in the Cloud are obvious: - Reduce the cost of performance equipment, servers, administration services, technical resources, IT staff; - Eliminate server space issues within your headquarters; - Eliminate the power consumption that would be required for server operation; - You have access to a hardware infrastructure and a flexible software architecture that efficiently organizes your team; - You can allocate workloads or projects can follow you wherever you are or wherever they are colleagues, not depending on an office neither you nor them; - Access data anywhere in the world, anytime, with a simple internet connection; - You integrate new users into a project - new team members - extremely easy; - Eliminate dead times, having anywhere, from anywhere, all the technical conditions to ensure the working processes; - Your data is protected, stored securely, compared with operating and storing laptops and computers, namely the tools to call them "natural"; - Increase workflow performance. In addition, software can also be stored in the Cloud. Basically, you can work with your team in a CRM software whose information is stored in the Cloud. Take a decision to streamline your business by storing in Cloud!

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