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It is clear that custom software created especially for holiday and applications makes our lives easier and helps us not even miss important things. Holiday is the long awaited time so it's good to be ready. On vacation we leave with our luggage and travel documents, but it is good to be equipped with some applications that will make our vacation more enjoyable and enjoyable. If you are on the beach and you need your favorite music, Jango Radio is a good application Jango Radio is a free application where you can write the name of your favorite artist and Jango generates a play list with similar artists. Or you can choose from their music categories (country, hip hop, love songs, workout, blues, jazz, world and more). AccuWeather  you should not miss your favorite apps because it provides you with real-time weather with accuracy, so you know how and when you venture after leaving the hotel. Solarize. Solarize - It determines your type of skin according to the official Fitzpatrick scale, and along with the value of your FPS cream, your application calculates your ideal sun exposure time. The timer allows you to pause if, for example, you go into the water to swim a little. The timer also works in the background even when listening to music or playing on the phone, and when time expires, you are notified by an alert tone. Smart Compass Smart Compass allows you to use the overlaid compass over the camera image. You can find the exact location of a tourist destination, for example, or you can detect metals, Lose It Because on vacation we want to look good, Lose It allows us to create a customized weight loss plan. It is true, this application should start using it some time before going on vacation! Hopper is the application that will help you find the lowest prices when selecting a flight ticket. Hopper considers billions of flight deals and finds times when prices drop very much, saving you even 40% in some cases. Hopper has a "Watch a Flight" feature to help you track prices on a particular route. Hopper will even send notifications when prices are down. AroundMe 
is a very useful application on the road. After detecting geographic positioning, it displays an impressive number of well-categorized points of interest - pharmacies, shops, bars, etc., giving you the map and even contact details. So you have what to download on your smartphone! Pleasant Holiday and Useful Applications!

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