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It’s definitely a big advantage to benefit from an online store and a good promotion.

  • Modern Platform
  • Custom Design
  • Unique Logo
  • Administration Panel
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited Number of Pages
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Multilingualism
  • Contact form
  • Reference system – Newsletter
  • Technical Support (2 months)
  • Free Consulting
  • Tips & Tricks for sales increase

Online sales techniques have reached a level that is incredible how well and easily you can attract thousands of customers each month.

Creating a presentation website in nowadays means more than just a card. In addition to website development, the selling tool  is the shop of your company. Especially a virtual store with a well thought out design, structure, very attractive and useful features.

Soon none of medium and large companies will not lack the shop. Want to be among the first? Or you let time pass and your customers become loyal to your competitors?

Electronic commerce has become a new frontier for the business world because it offers the opportunity to gain more customers and communicate with them closely. Due to internet, every business is available non-stop and whether its size is small or large, can win their major customers worldwide. An online store is a complex project which may include a series of modules such as filtering products, search the simple / complex section members – user accounts, shopping cart, order products, how to pay, questions and answers page manageable system banner ads, etc. The advantages of online store:

  • ease to use and purchasing process takes very little time;
  • various payment options: online, by credit card or in cash system;
  • due to filters and advanced search systems, the customer easily find desired products;
  • maintenance costs are much lower than those of traditional stores;
  • you can address a larger masses of customers, unlike the classic store will only allow their local targhetare;
  • buyer-seller interaction is minimal, it made through mail or phone;
  • the client has an account that you can use to follow their orders to subscribe to the newsletter, to set category for which want to receive regularly, etc .;
  • online store administrator can edit, add and delete any items or content in the site and are able to successfully manage the list of products, orders, customer portfolio, etc. Given all the advantages of online commerce, the price of an online store is very appealing. Moreover, the investment pays for in just a few weeks.

An online store has become a cheap and effective solution to marketing a wide variety of products. Another aspect that you should take it into account at the outset is Promoting Online Store. It is very important to be where your customers are looking for products that we sell. In other words, an online store and a good plan in place to promote your business will be the key. If you are interested of Online Marketing or SEO optimization packages, please visit the dedicated page of our website. Order now an Online Store for your business! Examples of online stores created by Creative Online Network Team:

  • Auto Parts Online Store
  • Clothing Online Store
  • Shoes Online Store
  • Tire Shop
  • Printers and printer accessories shop online
  • Water supply facilities shop online
  • Atv shop online

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