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Custom applications for your business!

The advantages of custom applications:

  • The highest level of automation activity
  • Increase business efficiency visible
  • More control and eliminating human error
  • Higher Customer Relationship Management
  • Specialized in Laravel si Codeigniter framework

How can you increase your business success using the latest computer technologies and solutions?
Web programming and Internet now offers solutions that annually attracts for some firms billion of euros for solutions that have already been implemented for several companies. Every business needs these new technologies and solutions to attract customers or to provide support and maintenance services or to manage multiple activities within the company.

Think of telecommunications companies, such activity could be managed without performing software that automatically manage and invoice thousands of customers?
How could there be banks working without custom software to automate work?

Loss prevention and business development is achieved only through a more efficient management of its custom software applications in particular by allowing decisions in an informed manner.

Fortunately, today is easier than 10 years ago to attract thousands of customers and develop business of million in just a few years. Adapting to new business conditions and increase efficiency through custom applications are essential to your business.

Your vision along with our experience to adapt technologies will grow the business and your company’s revenue. We respond exactly to your and your customers’ needs and expectations.
Types of applications made:

  • CRM systems (CRM integration)
  • Sales Management Systems
  • Application of automatic sending SMS messages
  • System monitoring tasks and activities of employees
  • Billing Systems
  • Scanning and data acquisition systems on the Internet
  • Automation applications of online activities
  • Events systems management
  • Customer retention application
  • Online pricing (for online stores) systems
  • Systems for online insurance policies RCA, travel insurance, etc.
  • Other projects, depending on your requirements

Examples of custom software created by Creative Online team:

Certainly, custom applications are key to the development of a solid business.